Hillary Clinton sat on a wall. Hillary Clinton Had a great fall. Like Humpty, Hillary had noting important to say. Her biggest attribute is her insincerity. Nobody trusts her.
Her two presidential campaigns lacked a message. She ran as a woman not as a candidate with something to offer.
Her most visible accomplishments were the miles she traveled, and the number of countries visited, all without achievement.

She actually said, quote: “there’s no doubt in my mind that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin wanted me to lose.” HERE.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ripped Hillary over her efforts to explain why she lost. “When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things—Comey, Russia—you blame yourself,” 

rather incredibly she doesn’t regret or retract her controversial comment that half of Trump’s supporters could be put into “what I call the basket of deplorables,”
She’s completely out of touch as evidenced by: “she expresses exasperated bewilderment about the strong negative reaction she has elicited from some since the start of her public career. She’s a woman scorned not by one man but “millions of white people”. True enough as far as it goes but her failures are deeper. It goes to her smug attitude against people who cannot do as well as she can.

“What makes me such a lightning rod for fury?” she writes. “I’m really asking. I’m at a loss.”
For one thing she’s getting wider and shorter.
Plus she’s unable to analyse other people. She sinned against politics early on when she fired Billy Dale and the White House travel office people to give jobs to her friends the Corneliuses and flights to her friends the Tomasson’s jet charter company. That was after Whitewater and after her gift of $100,000 from a stockbroker who lied about Hillary investing $1,000. Then she showed up with the Clinton Foundation which was her shakedown scheme to park the bribes she took while Secretary of State. She belongs in jail. She is truly “Deplorable”.
She wrote a book without a message. It opens old woulds as she tries to settle old scores so it’s a message in vindictiveness. She told Jane Pauley she blames her losses on sexism and misogyny but millions of deplorables as she called the others who didn’t support her got the last word.

John Wawkins at Townhall writes about five reasons so many people hate Hillary: “there are many other things we could add from her horrible cackle to the fact she seems like the most scripted person on earth to her ridiculous lies (I landed under sniper fire in Bosnia) to the hypocritical way she treated the women her husband abused, but let’s just hit the high points, shall we?

#1) Her whole campaign could have been boiled down to “Vote for me because I’m a woman:”

#2) Hillary’s entire claim to fame is being married to Bill:

#3) She’s hopelessly corrupt: This is a woman who got away with taking bribes via cattle futures when her husband was in the Arkansas governor’s mansion, using her position as Secretary of State to do pay for play with the Clinton Foundation and offloading classified data onto an illegal, private server. We hear endless complaining from Hillary and her supporters about James Comey, but he started preparing to exonerate Clinton before the investigation was even over. That’s typical. I’d be in jail if I’d done 1/10 of what Hillary has done. So would you. So would any Republican, including Donald Trump. But, all of us have learned that Hillary will always get special treatment and it disgusts most people. You can talk about non-existent “white privilege” or any other type of privilege you want, but nothing will ever beat “Clinton privilege.”

#4) She felt entitled to be President because of her last name:

#5) She’s simply not a very nice person: