Obama has worked to distence America from Great Britain and other European allies. He removed AMERICAN DEFENSIVE MISSLES FROM POLAND. He has loads of very wrong ideas about what countries and which people are AMERICA’S FRIENDS AND ENEMIES. He’s a self-admitted REDISTRIBUTIONALIST, aka Communist in Disguise, who hates the West, America, England and Europeans. The evidence is clear. He jammed thru OBMACARE without a single Republican vote. He failed to close GUANTANEMO. He failed to reduce the DEFICIT AND THE DEBT. He failed to fix the HOUSING MARKET, he ruined the USED CAR MARKET. (there are very few AFFORDABLE USED CARS available), he cancelled two SOCIAL SECURITY increases thereby hurting seniors even more than younger voters, he bailed out WALL STREET and the BANKS, he shut down AMERICAN OIL EXPLORATION and DRILLING, He paid BILLIONS TO BRAZIL for Brazil to develop deep water oil drilling, he caused the PRICE OF FUEL to double, he’s encouraging more Americans to stop looking for work to bring down the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE,  he BOUGHT GENERAL MOTORS to appease his union supporters, promising taxpayers would recover more than they invested but selling government owned GM stock will cost taxpayers billions. And as reported in the New York TImes, he’s working with Hollywood TO CREATE PROPAGANDA for Obamacare. He’s a MILLIONAIRE who never talks about his millions, He’s increased the NATIONAL DEBT more than any other President. His SOFT POWER foreign policy is a disaster that’s been fatal to Americans. He single-handedly pardoned millions of ILLEGAL FOREIGN NATIONALS. Those actions are so egregious that they are immoral. He’s immoral. He’s BAD NEWS

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