Apr 052017

Russia is not the Soviet Union. Neither is it the home of the Socialists who have taken over so much of America’s intellectual world. America is Marxist because of Marx and America’s Liberals, . . not because of anything Vladimir Putin did to America.

Obama, not Putin botched up Syria. Trump had nothing to do with it. Same for Iran, Iraq, Libya and “The Arab Spring”. Those are Obama failures,.. aided and abetted by Hillary and people like Dr. Evelyn Farkus who get policy all balled up with their ignorance and praise of Socialism.

President Trump and Vladimir Putin can easily and certainly join together like President Roosevelt and Josef Stalin did against the NAZI’s. Stalin ruled by terror, and millions of his own citizens died during his brutal reign. Putin has no similar history so it’s far easier for President Trump to work with Putin, Russia and the Russians to defeat ISIS, Al Qaeda and the entire bunch of terrorists in the Middle East and around the world.  

This is not hard stuff but don’t get all twisted up in the anti-America/anti-Russia rhetoric of the American left and let this opportunity pass.
Obama was intellectually challanges so he couldn’t deal with Putin. President Trump has the capability to handle Putin and get Russia’s help to defeat the Middle East problems. It’s a unique and historic opportunity.