Deep Seated Political Corruption in Harrisburg

09/13/10 Phila. A federal judge dismissed our petition to stop PA Judges from violating the Constitution. According to  a Federal Injunction back in 2002 the Commonwealth had to allow petition circulators from anywhere in the state. That case, Morrill v Weaver ruled section 2911(d) of the election code did not protect freedom of speech or political expression. The problem is: there is no teeth in a Federal Injunction unless the U.S. Attorney General decides to enforce it. In effect there is no downside when the PA Legislature or the PA courts ignore the constitution so they ignore it and keep third parties off the ballot. They kept Ralph Nader off the ballot and fined him $80,000.00 for trying to stay on the ballot. Is PA corrupt or what?

INDEPENDENT 8TH CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE TOM LINGENFELTER AND I FILED FOR A FEDERAL INJUNCTION to try to get the Commonwealth Court to follow a Permanent Federal Injunction. If he is successful the basis for the court removing him from the ballot disappears and he would have enough valid signatures to stay on the ballot.

The case is in the Federal Court in Philadephia, case number 10-4372. It’s against the judge who heard the challenge against Lingenfelter, the Secretary of State, the Commissioner of Elections and the Attorney General, all of whom should have enforced the Federal Injunction but didn’t. It’s a “Hail Mary” attempt to get part of Harrisburg to play fair and abide by the Constitution but those days are gone except for a two old diehards who refuse to believe evil should be rewarded.

Lingenfelter was removed from the ballot by a Commonwealth Court judge. It was a Show Trial where the outcome is not in doubt and the rule of law is not followed but violated to get the result the corrupt system demands. Every Third Party or Independent candidate except one or two has been removed from the ballots.

I was in the courtroom as a paralegal when the judge ignored a motion against the people who wanted to get Lingenfelter off the ballot. The judge refused to hear the charges and the evidence.  It amouinted to a political lynching inside the new Justice Center in Harrisburg on 8/19/2010 that used the so-called law instead of a rope.  All it took was a judge who ignored a Federal Court order to follow the Constitution and another judge and two lawyers who purposely disobeyed 75% of the Commonwealth Courts order. What happened to the rule that the court and attorneys are supposed to obey the law too?

Constitution is Irrevelant in Commonwealth Court

 The judge ruled neither he nor the Pa Commonwealth Court were bound by the Morrill decision in the Federal court that ruled a PA statute unconstitional. I don’t think so but I’m not a lawyer and I know  judges are not forbidden from using the Constitution either. The judge said he had to follow the law. Well the Constitution is part of the law, right?

Commonwealth Court: Ground Zero for Corruption

Pennsylvania now has five ballot access laws that have been struck down, but which have not yet been amended out of the election code: (1)   the petition deadline; (2) the number of signatures needed for statewide office in odd year elections; (3) the mandatory filing fee; (4) the duration of party membership, for the nominee of an unqualified party; (5) the residence of circulators. This means the five laws are forbidden by the Constitution yet the judges enfoce them. They need to learn the prohibitions against their outrageous behavior, otherwise they are operating with contempt for the law, contempt for the people and in this case contempt against Lingenfelter. 

No Contempt for These Contemptors

The same Constitution violating  judge decided not to hold the challengers guilty of contempt even though they knowingly failed to obey his order. These lawyers have contempt for the people because corrupt lawyers know when the fix is in. They fixed it. Either that or someone else fixed it because the conclusion was known so far in advance that the witnesses against Lingenfelter were probably told not to show up in court. Someone knew something and it was wrong.

No Legal Standing: No Problem for Corrupt Judges

It’s wrong that an Independent cannot challenge a Democrat or Republican petition but Republicans and Democrats are free to challenge an Independent. It’s purpously designed to keep Independents from challenging Republicans or Democrats by “fixing” the legal system Chicago style. People who oppose Independents can challenge Independents but not the other way round. That’s wrong, right?

This Judicial disobedience to the Constitution means the scandal-ridden  judges in PA act outside the law and get away with it. They pay no penalty for breaking the law. No one can stop them. They are above the law. They know they cannot be stopped by the courts because the judges kiss the rings of the politicians who get them elected.

The opposing attorneys, violators of court orders get away with not following the laws too. They may not get penalized nor punished for disobedience if they are politically connected to the judges through the politicians.

Counterfeit Justice for Independent Candidates

Lingenfelter’s hearing was not merely unjust. It was counterfeit justice posing as the friends of justice. Four men destroyed more freedom in a short show trial than the rampaging mobs on Kristellnacht. The facts of Kristellnacht are emblazoned in history. Killed: 91 Jews. Arrested: 25,000 to 30,000 who were condemned to suffer and die in concentration camps and 267 synagogues destroyed. Kristellnacht was a silent witness during the phony trial of Lingenfelter while the gangster’s of government staged a political event disguised as a trial by a judge who denied the protection of United States Constitution to Lingenfelter; to the people who signed his petition and the voters of the 8th Congressional District.

The world didn’t help the victims of Kristellnacht. Same for Lingenfelter. The law not only failed to stop the lynching, it built the gallows.

No Evidence – No Problem for Corrupt Judges

The petition to remove Lingenfelter had no evidence. There was a lot of Strum und Drang but the lawyers arrived in court with empty hands after they disobeyed a court order. The Board of Elections manufactured the evidence by claiming they could not find 800 people. Who signed Lingenfelter’s nominating petition? Almost 5.000 people signed but no one even tried to telephone one of them to ask if they signed. “Not found” does not mean “didn’t sign” but the game is rigged and corrupt. The Lingenfelter hearing showed how rotten it is.

The judge simply ruled the paper had less than 3.958 “valid signatures” and the nominating paper “was withdrawn”. The paper had 4,700 signatures of citizens who signed. The taxpayers paid the Board of Elections to find evidence against Lingenfelter but the BOE “could not find” the signers. Not finding is different than not signing. Where did they look? They didn’t deny the minimum number of  3,958 people signed, only that the Board of Elections couldn’t find them. They couldn’t find them so Lingenfelter lost. Some system. Some gallows.

Trial by TWO Judges. One’s not enough for Show Trial

The lawyers arrived in court after disobeying a court order. The judge, actually two judges, one on the bench and another prosecuting, who worked against the thousands who signed to put Lingenfelter on the ballot. This is how the Enemies of Liberty work. They pose as judges and they disguise themselves as lawyers. They destroy freedom. They smile and say funny things while ignoring the U.S. Constitution.

Three lawyers and a judge were TESTIFYING against Lingenfelter throughout the hearing. Lawyers are not supposed to testify. Judges are suppposed to weigh the evidence, not testify against one party in support of the other party. Judges should almost not even talk to witnesses. Talking about facts is testifying. Judges commit the worst thing that can be committed against freedom and democracy when they testify while they are judging. No one is supposed to be above the law especially a judge. In this case two judges. This was cruel and unusual punishment for a man who tried to make a difference and almost 5,000 people who supported him. He was forced to watch his own prosecution while the court refused to let him speak.

Lingenfelter had to jump through phony political hoops put in his way by a corrupt legislature that forced him to collect 400% more signatures to get on the ballot for the 8th Congressional District, than the other two candidates and a corrupt judge that agreed to use unconstitutional laws to keep Lingenfelter off the ballot.

Judge was the Prosecutor. A Star Chamber Trial

No witnesses and a hanging judge who introduced his own testimony against Lingenfelter then refused to let the witnesses against Lingenfelter come into the courtroom. Lingenfelter had subpeoned the four people who filed the lawsuit and the fix was in from the beginning. They were not available for Lingenfelter to question.

Living in a Tyranny

Lingenfelter was forbidden to talk. For eight hours the judges talked. Lingenfelter had his tongue cut out not by a sword but by the law. Maybe that’s how the law works but I believe that’s how a tyrant holds a phony trial while lying about protecting Lingenfelters rights.

And what about the rights of the 4,800 signers? They signed but the tyrants didn’t care about them. What about the rights of the voters, probably half a million who were effectively forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. With Lingenfelter there would have been a third choice. Wow. How great is your freedom?

How come lawyers who disobey a court order have credibility? Maybe events like these organized by scoundrels are why lawyers have a bad name.

The only thing missing were piles of shattered glass all over the sidewalk.


PENNSYLVNIA:- America’s Most Corrupt State

An astonishing State Grand Jury probe has uncovered and documented massive corruption in the Pennsylvania Legislature. The corruption is so widespread that it is practiced in plain view inside the Capital building. The Grand Jury took the unusual step of presenting a report that lists some of the more visible Corruption. The 34 page report showed that the legislators were so unaware of their wrong-doing that they did it openly and inside the Caitol building and they made the taxpayers pay for their political work. Several thousand people ere employed by the legislators to do political work.The Grand Jury should have indicted every legislator.

Pennsylvania May Be the Most Corrupt State in America. Fraud may be a form of entertainment for the Senators and the Representatives but not for the citizens who have their money and property confiscated by these Spawn of Satan. Pennsylvania, sadly is ranked as the eighth most corrupt state out of 50.

  • That does not include the recent scandles. When the abuses uncovered and explained in The Grand Jury Probe and their report irregularities are added to the typical types of legislative corruption, PA has the most corrupt state government in America.Corrupt Practices inside the PA Legislatures, both the House and the Senate:

  • – Public Corruption;

  • -Racketeering;

  • -Extortion;

  • -Fraud;

  • -Forgery;

  • -Counterfeiting and;

  • -Embezzlement

    are ranked but when the abuses in the Grand Jury Report are added Pa’s legislative corruption is the highest in the land. and PA can be considered the most corrupt state.

Grand Jury Probe / Charges / Solutions:
The Grand Jury Judge knew the PA Supreme Court would sweep the Report under the rug so he took an unusual step, an unprecented step and made the report public.Senior Judge Barry Feudale was so outraged at the Corruption listed in the Grand Jury’s report that he wrote in his order that the PA President Judge of The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Judge Castillle, would only read the report and do nothing further which explains why Judge Feudale made the report public. In other words the PA Supeme Court is part of the problem.Every Legislator who has not condemned the corruption is Guilty by AssociationThe report does not single out any exceptions in it’s report.The evidence includes every legislatorEvery member of the legislature should resign.Each Senator and each Repreesntative should leave Harrisburg because each one has disgraced themselves and the proof is that not one of them has condemned the four party caucuses that are illegaly using tax money.The evidence is in.

The evidence is clear:
~ PA has the most corrupt legislature in the nation. No state has a Grand Jury probe that condemned the entire legislature. Pa does.The PA legislature is deeply corrupt because the two political parties are brazenly working inside the Capitol building and getting paid by the taxpayers for their illegal political activity disguised as government business.Every single PA legislator has abused the legislature and the people. The Grand Jury and the Judge found “the legislature” to be corrupt.Neither the Judge nor the Grand Jury exempted any legislator.This is worse than Tannany Hall, Boss Tweed, the Daly regimes of Chicago and other rotten government institutions.The problems and the corruption will continue unless and until every one of the present legislators are replaced with people who have some integrity.Neither Justice nor Integrity is expected in politics and that must change. For sure Integrity is missing among every legislator now in Harrisburg.Every Legislator should immediately resign. This problem cannot be fixed by retaining any single legislator. They are in this up to their Lying Eyes.

Bonusgate Plus Additional Corrupt Practices of the PA Legislature

The corrupt Bonus Scandal: “Bonusgate”

  1. The corruption conviction of former state Sen. Vincent Fumo

  2. The corruption conviction of former Superior Court Judge Michael Joyce

  3. The Luzerne County Judges Scandal and related prosecutions

  4. Other state legislators who have pled guilty to state charges such as submitting forged nominating petitions or ghost employees.

These are related to the entire Culture of Corruption in Harrisburg inside the Capital Building.

What Can Be Done About The Corruption?

  •  Get new legislators who are not part of the Good Old Boy networks.

  • The two political parties are the fountainhead of the Corruption,

  • The elected representatives. Each and every one is a partner in the corruption.

  • Senators and Representatives who appoint people based on their political work and affiliation, not on their abilities, work habits, skills or energys.

  • The entire bloated staff of every Representative and Senator.

  • The Democrat and Republican Caucases with their official offices inside the Capitol Building where every Representative and every Senator not only agrees with their corruption because they finance it, they take advantage of it politically to destroy anone who dares challenge their stranglehold on the elected offices in Pennsylvania. The violation of the Constitution is not the only issue here. It is simple fraud. It should be procecuted. It exists because of the location of the offices under the Dome of the Capitol where even the judges know about it and use the fruits of the poisoned tree.

  • Note that the Judges know about the Caucases inside the Capitol. As they fail to speak against such obvious corruption they help the lies and the cover-up.

  •  The two Political Parties and the entire Harrisburg apparatus of State Government are in on the corruption and cover-up.  The Legislators have corrupted the system far more than needed. No, that’s not an admission that some corruption is OK. It’s recognition that by it’s nature government works by corruption. Trading favors is a corrupt practice yet it’s almost accepted that such trading is needed to get things done.When does a trade become a bribe? To me, it is wrong as soon as it’s proposed by the person making or the person solicitating the bribe, yet most people accept such activity. I don’t.Trading favors for votes is a corrupt practice. It’s tolerated but that doesn’t excuse it. It’s corruption. Government for example engages in activity that is a corruption magnettherefore a certain amount of corruption will occur before it can be detected. Government has gotten so far removed from the type of government envisioned in the Declaration of Indepedence and the Constitutions of America that it can be said that the current system is so broken as to be unrecognizable when compared to the foundational documents and principles. That’s why PA has a legislature so corrupt that a Grand Jury working on Bonusgate charges was so appalling issued a report listing some of the more egregious activities.The existence of the report proves the corruption is so deep that it’s practiced in the open.The corruption includes and even feeds off the appointment system which in Pennsylvania is almost like a seperate division of a mob who are on the committee’s, boards, and even includes political job-holders doing political work, not the work of government and who are doing that political work inside the Capitol buildings.The Pa Legislature, including the representatives; the Senators, the Judges and the Governor have been called “HARRISBURGLERS” because the amount of money “improperly spent” is staggering.

  • What should be done about the Harrisburglers and the two Houses of Corruption, the Legislature and the Senate?

Legislators should post the grand jury’s report prominently on their web site’s home page.

  1. Schedule weekly town meetings in various parts of their districts and

  2. invite integrity advocates to discuss the findings and recommendations of the grand jury.

  3. Hold capitol press conferences every week the General Assembly is in session to highlight different aspects of the grand jury’s report and the need for action.

  4. Send open letters to their leadership and committee chairs calling for action before the summer recess.

  5. Act to recall leaders who won’t support aggressive improvements to public integrity before the summer break.

  6. Sponsor best-in-America legislation on every aspect of public integrity, including legislation to strengthen enforcement of the laws and punishment of offenders,and get it passed before the end of September.

  7. Send an open letter to Gov. Rendell calling for him to provide leadership toward a referendum this fall on whether to have a Constitution convention. Provide weekly updates to their local media describing what the lawmakers have done each week to stop the corruption

Here are some of my solutions.





  • VOTE THEM OUT. The PA legislature will not reform themselves nor their respective parties.  

  • OR THEY WILL CONTINUE TO STEAL, STEAL, STEAL AND THE PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO PAY, PAY, PAY. How can that change? The same way a leopord changes it’s spots. It can’t. Someone else will have to change them. Because it’s impossible to keep them in office and change their behavior they have to go. They have to be fired from the positions of authority they hold because those positions have been abused.The only way to change a corrupt institution is to remove the people who are part of it. Remove everyone who supports it. Remove everyone who has not denied the corruption exists. Get rid of these “Matastisizing Masters of Manipulation” and these “Cancers of Corruption”. These problems are the tip of an Iceberg of Corruption. These cancers run into every county and every township and every borough in PA. These are the consequences of people who scratch each others back by aiding and abetting the corruptors.Political Corruption is a broad and deep topic. It’s been around since the first tribal chief learned to skim a little cream for himself. Perhaps it cannot be cured by a few attempts but it’s wrong. Wrongs need to be corrected. For certain letting the same people back in office is not the answer. Neither is letting the same two political parties continue to have political offices inside the Capitol.  

     VOTE INDEPENDENT.  It’s the only solution that will help cure some of the corruption.

 As a way to thank you for persevering through the lengthly information above there is a photograph in the beginning of this that shows one of the most amazing places on the planet. It’s looking down from a hill that is on the small island of Hong Kong. It’s taken from a place that is easy to get to. There is a cable car called the Funicular from the base of the hill. People walk around Lugard road like we walk around Oxford Valley Mall and look out at Hong Kong but they are respectfully quiet. There is a unique feeling and people sense that. It is breathtaking.

Many tourist’s take the same photo. Across the harbor is Kowloon. A ferry runs you across for about 25 cents. Janet and I have been there and we love it.

Everyone should be able to witness this incredible place that is the result of millions of small human decisions.

There is nothing that seems unusual in Hong Kong. The buildings are built like buildings everywhere, one small piece at a time. the shops, stores and offices are like places everywhere. It’s is so very normal. It’s the totality that is so stunning yet so ordinary.

Hong Kong is a testament to people. Hong Kong is a place full of people. There are crowds of people walking around Hong Kong 24/7. The air is warm, usually humid and usually pleasant, like the people.

The photograph is provided license free by Creative Common. Everything about it validates my confidence in people and why political corruption disgraces everything.

Bill O’Neill

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