What have I done to merit your vote?  

Here’s some of what I believe:


  • Government Spending must decrease. The PA House and Senate staff should be cut 50% and the four (4) political caucus offices inside the capitol should be closed, the equipment sold, the furniture burned and the rooms fumigated. See the Grand Jury Special Report and the Judges unusual steps to make the report public. They are four extreme Houses of Corruption, worse than Tammany Hall or the Chicago Daley mob where police earned more money from pay-off’s than from the city. See Tannany Hall and Political History of Chicago on Wikipedia.
  • Government should get out of medicine. Government cannot practice medicine so government should have nothing to do with medicine except prosecute fraud and other crimes
  • Government is force. Force needs to be controlled. Government has gotten far out of the control of the people and now works against a lot of people. Just think about how much government is involved in yout personal life. Maybe you think government is good. That’s wrong. Government is force. Force needs to be controlled.
  • What 3 things should govenrment do? Protect you from criminals, invasions and provide a court system. That’s all. Anything else or anything less is bad government. 
  • Government should not get credit, – never, – because they spend it like they stole it, which they did.
  • The Budget should be Cut  in half, balanced and paid every year
  • Regulating business hurts customers.  Manufacturing was chased overseas, the jobs lost and the rust-belt and a crushed private economy are the predictable results. 
  • Government must stop confiscating earnings.
  • Follow the Constitution which limits government, controls government and frees the people. Government is force. People are servants to government. It’s a cruel lie to tell people the government is their servant. Governments serve governments on the backs of the people.
  • Enforce the Bill of Rights against big government to get government under control.
  • Stop government borrowing. Giving government money is worse than giving cocaine to a crackhead.  
  • Audit the Federal Reserve. They print money and keep it secret
  • Audit Fannie Mae. Find out who received the free money
  • Audit Freddie Mac. Ditto
  • Increase personal freedom by spending less and regulating less
  • Work to keep, then increase private sector jobs and cut public jobs.
  • Cut government spending 75%
  • Cut taxes; cut duties and cut surcharges which get passed on to consumers
  • Enforce American Patents in China, and everywhere
  • Protect American business against foreign governments that conspire against America
  • The best way to protect Americans overseas is to use the Military. 
  • The Military should only be used to break things and kill people
  • The Military should only be used to fight a war
  • Victory is the only strategy for a War. Victory.
  •  Cut government spending 
  • Public Office should not be a career. Two terms then go home
  • Privatize government services as much as practicle ASAP
  •  Support Economic Freedom and oppose income tax, gasoline tax; permit fees, fees, license fees and all attempts by government to get more money
  • College diplomas should certify people as competant, not government
  • Certification for trades should be done by private means, not by government
  • Certification should be private. Outsource certification to insurance companies, employers or private companies like NFPA and UL
  • Increase Freedom. Limit Government
  • Drill everywhere practical.
  • I’ve been listening to the people…….

since the first time I ran for office in 1994 in ways no elected or party supported politician can understand.The Political Parties have rigged the game to make it difficult for “outsiders”, those not approved by the parties, to get on the ballot. I have collected thousands of signatures to get myself and others on the ballot. Party candidates don’t collect signatures.If you meet a candidate that “seems to be collecting signatures”, notice there are other people circulating the papers. “Official Candidates”, usually Legacy Candidates who cannot be voted out of office, have the large party organization that collects signatures for them. Mostly Legacy Candidates smooze contributors inside their almost secret meetings where the party collects the signatures.  The party fills out all of the paperwork to get them on the ballot.  Party candidates are like Kings who have flunkies to do the work.  The requirements to get on the ballot are massive and designed by the party politicians to keep outsiders off the ballots.I have, respectfully, asked people for their signatures;–

    on the streets;   at the supermarkets;   at the parades,   door to door;   at the flea markets;   at the Tea Party rallies and countless other places.
    I learned people had something to say about the politicians who rule us and it wasn’t good. I did my best to listen to each person and to learn from them. I found Americans do have a voice but the politicians don’t want to hear from the people or if they do listen it is with the closed ears of an aristocrat who knows there is nothing the people can do but jawbone the issues. The Politicians have the Power and they are responsible, not to the people but to the leaders of the pack…er, the party. Next the politicians bow to the big contributors, not to the people. 

    Government is force. Power means the Power To Force people; to push them around and to be free from effective interference when they force people.  Don’t fall for that old lie that elected officials are servants. Officials have Power. Servants don’t. That’s the difference between masters and servants. Masters have power. They use power to force people to obey. 

    Over the years I heard from thousands of you and your impressive and immense understanding about: – the corrupt nature of the parties;  – the failures of elected people to do what should be done;  – the secret deals;  – the backroom appointments;  – and the failures of the political system that violates your trust.
    You told me about the bribes, the pay-off’s, the bottom feeders of our culture;  – their conflicts of interest;  – their illegal deals and loads of other abuses of the system and the abuse of the people: –  the lousy politics and the  – bought-off elected officials who run things from the shadows. 

    I’ve been a Patriot all my life. Like you I have a strong sense of right and wrong. Like you, I detest injustice. Some people seem destined to man the barricades when Liberty is threatened. I’m the type who cannot sit and watch wrong things be done. I grew to identify with the ideas of tyhe people and their fight to get justice from government. 

    I know people in the major parties and have screened for office in the smoke filled rooms. I’ve become knowledgable about the political process as it’s supposed to be and, unfortunately, how it is. How it is is not good. I know Libertarians; Greens; Constitutionist’s NRA members and many wonderful people who have been shut out of politics and out of government. 

    1n 2005 I helped Green Party of PA candidate, Carl Romanelli when he was forced to defend 100,000 signatures to stay on the ballot. It was against the BonusGate politicians who made the PA taxpayers pay the legal bills to get Romanelli off the ballot.The same people helped get Ralph Nader off the ballot for President. The trial and the hearings provided the worst justice ever bought. Some of those involved were sent to jail by the Attorney General. That’s how corrupt the so called hearings were. It was a Star Chamber inquisition, unworthy of America. Romanelli is still under a $100,000.00 fine for defending himself. 

    Here’s a Romanelli update: He filed a Federal lawsuit against the Democrat Caucus in Harrisburg, some politicians and some lawyers who started the very wrong prosecution of him in civil court that removed him from the ballot and resulted in the $100,000 fine for defending the petitions that were collected by the Green Party. The essence of Romanelli’s lawsuit is the violation of his civil rights under color of law. I never understood why the Green Party people failed to support Romanelli. Not to conden them; they probably don’t realize what’s going on or how they could help; sort of like many of the Tea Party people who know there’s something very wrong but just can’t figure out what to do.

    I’ve addressed audiences at the National Constitution center at several Freedom events in Philadelphia and inside the Capitol in Harrisburg as part of PaCleanSweep where 121 independent, Republican and Democrat candidates ran for the PA legislature so we could reform the Harrisburg Culture of Corruption. 

    In 2009 I was purposely prevented from addressing the people at the 2009 Washington Crossing Park Tea Party. The elected party insiders who ran that event from the shadows only allowed safe party people access to the microphone. 

    It’s supposed to be different than this. 

    Government is supposed to protect the freedoms, Liberty, property, money and Rights of each person. It no longer does that. Government has removed itself from the culture. It has taken itself above the culture where it can send thunderbolts down into us to take out freedoms; our Liberty; our Rights; our properties and our money. 

    It cannot deny this because government is involved in every aspect of everyone’s life. The CDC is attempting to stop the use of salt. It already stopped cigarettes. It didn’t softly try to change the behavior of smokers; to alert them to the effect on nearby people; to educate; cajole or provide information to let thepeople get to the right conclusions and the correct bahaviors. Government is Force. That’s what government is and does. The evidence has become so visible that many people are gathering and marching to try to stop the government bulldozer.  Some people push back. 

    A person’s home has been changed from a benefit to a huge tax liability. People with pull are benefitting from the taxation of the people who carry their own weight. Arrogant and Corrupt Judges have been caught manipulating penalties like one who was criticized for reducing the penalty on her grandson when he was charged with an alleged underage drinking party in her house. 

    Prior to the 2010 Primary election, two elected Bucks County Supervisors tried to remove candidates from the ballot apparently to avoid a fair competive election. Then two County judges set the stage for constables to confiscate on election day small leaflets that were  by their nature, “election materials” from those competitive candidates. But the Constables are not police. Constables need permission to confiscate property, especailly political. No judge issued and ORDER TO CONFISCATE. But no one stopped the constables. Vigilante behavior does not belong in America. 

    One township supervisor twice voted for unconstitutional ordinances that allowed townships to confiscate cardboard election signs. I sued four townships, Northampton twice, in Federal Court and I’m not a lawyer,  to put an end to the confiscation of election yard signs. I did that because no petty officeholder has permission to confiscate yard signs. It’s unconstitutional and one of the attorneys who opposed that is a now a judge in Bucks County who told me he wolf throw the book at me if I ever was in front of him. So much for a fair trial. So much for following the Constitution. So much for Justice. 

    I want to stop the gravy trains running around government in Northampton Township, in Bucks County, in Harrisburg and Washington, DC. I want to change Big Government to smaller government. I want to say NO! NO! NO! to bigger government. None of the other candidates can do that because they do not want to do it and because the party bosses and the big contributors will not let them reduce government. The people need an Independent candidate. 

    The biggest reason people should vote for me and not vote for any candidate running against me is because they have political debts, I don’t. 

    I’ve been listening, learning and helping people politically since 1994. I’m ready to reduce government.  But there’s more. I’ve learned to debate and win the debates against the big government types. I win because I have better ideas. I win because they cannot talk free if they try to stand against their handlers. I can.  I have. I will. 

    I’ve talked against their wrong ideas in public and opposed their lawyers in court where I succceded in keeping four Tea Party cadidates on the ballot. 

    Four card carrying lawyers sued American Mr. James Jones to get the court to remove his name from the ballot. they sued him in PA Commonwealth Court. 

    James Jones is a fine American who served in the Navy and retired to live in Bucks County in the shadow of Independence Hall and near Washington’s Crossing State Park, places where Freedom was won. 

    James’ nominating petition to get himself on the ballot for the 8th U.S. Congressional District was challenged in court. I helped him stay on the ballot where he made history as the first African American in Bucks County to run for the United States Congress. Many of you voted for this fine American in the May 2010 Primary election. I take fierce pride in having helped to make that possible. 

    Of course when the politicians do the right things I support them but that happens so seldom that it makes scant difference. They are busy undoing freedom.There are exceptions but party politicians owe their first loyalty to $quotthe political party”. I’ve proven that when they talk about their spending and regulating schemes. I’ve shown them how to reduce budgets. They deny simple solutions or refuse to discuss the money they are spending. 

    I’ve called for some of them to resign. They refuse. I’ve pointed out their conflicts of interest. They clam up. 

    So I want to do this because I know how. Because I know I can and because I can do it better than them. I can represent the people because I’m not a politician and because I’ve been one of the people since I registered to vote, and that’s a long time ago. 

    My opponents have less life experience than me. They have more experience following orders and less reason to follow the people. That’s the simple truth of the matter.
    I’ve come to know you by talking to you. I found that when people are given a bit of a chance they amaze and delight you and that I enjoy people too much to let them down. 


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