Fitzpatrick has swallowed the Left Coast, California Myth about Climate Change and joined 21 other bird-brains who do not grasp how important Fossil Fuel is to Bucks County and how nonsensical Climate Change is. He joined with other R and D liberals who oppose President Trump and want to work to either get rid of him or get him voted out. Bucks County would be better off with Steve Santarsiero who has the honesty to run as a Liberal Democrat. 

Fitzzie along with 25 other Climate Wacko’s will “explore policy options that address the impacts, causes, and challenges of our changing climate.” That’s like addressing the effects of bullets in boxes.

There is no Climate Change so there’s no cause to be investigated. 

“Climate Change” started out as “Global Cooling”. In 1923, there was concern about a new ice age. Concerns about nuclear winter arose in the early 1980’s. Then it was proven the earth wasn’t getting cooler so the Liberals changed to “Global Warming”. When that was proven to be false they changed to “Climate Change” which is simply “Weather”.

Liberals blamed the cooling on spray cans and the warming on cars. Both are nonsensical conjectures from alarmists with agendas.

For a set of informative facts about fossil fuels read Alex Epstein’s book: “The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels”.

What’s the solution to Fitzzie’s ship jump? One is to support State Representative Scott Petri to oppose Fitzzie in next years Republican Primary election.

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