Michelle Obama went to South Africa in June of 2011. Landed in Pretoria, the capital. Her daughters were photographed wearing big South African flags that were allegedly blankets given to them to protect them against the cold air as they walked to the terminal on the Red Carpet.

Why did they have to wear large South Africa’s flags? Surely there were blankets on Air Force 2. Didn’t they bring sweaters or jackets? Didn’t Michelle’s advisors know Pretoria was 4,200 feet above sea level meaning it’s cool, often cold at night? It’s winter in South Africa in June. I’ve been to South Africa many times on business so I know about these things. I was briefed by a corporation before going to South Africa, which as an aside is a spectacular and beautiful country which is going through some rough times and the whites are being displaced similiar to what was done in nearby Rhodesia where all the white farmers were murdered, the name changed to Zimbabwe, the name of the Capital, Salisbury changed to Harare and is now the home of one of the most cruel dictators in history, Robert Mugabe, who has been in power for 32 years. The name of Pretoria is being change to “Tshwane”. If I knew about all that, Michelle’s advisors knew it. The wearing of the flag of South Africa was planned.  

It was at least a deliberate but dumb political gaffe on the part of those who were advising Michelle. She has, it’s reported, 22 personal assistants paid for with tax money. That’s 20 more personal assistants than any other first lady. The State department cleared the trip. They knew the plan. They were really dumb not to realise the negative publicity the photographs of her two daughters wrapped in large South African flags would be in America and other places. The photo’s offend Americans who consider America, not South Africa to be the country Michelle and her daughters should represent, especially when they are outside America. OTOH, Obama wanted to disrespect America and it was arranged and done on purpose. Don’t believe that? When did you ever see a welcome party where blankets were given to the visitors?

Michelle only stayed in South Africa three days. It’s a 24 hour flight to get to South Africa. The cost to operate the aircraft was reported to be half a million. She went to a game park too. Five days travelling to Safari to a game park but not to meet with the President of the country. She could have done all that with a visit to Six Flags Wild Safari in New Jersey. What a spendthrift. What a way to get a free trip to Suuth Africa. What a way to insult America. 

South African President Jacob Zuma refused to meet with Michelle. What a waste this trip was.

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