The United Socialist States of America is replacing the old USSR as the largest group of States joined in COMMUNISM.  Oh wait.  “Newspeak” for communism is pay-your-fair-share. Yeah, that means I must pay while the Democrats in power spend my money. But communism is too soft a word for the dictatorship of the Prolitariat and the Tyrant-In-Charge. The correct word for the present government in power is a dictatorship via Executive Orders.

Did you notise that “PROFIT” is a dirty word? Socialism has been replaced by a Dictatorship. maybe it should be called: “the Dictatorship of the Democrats”. The poor are their ideal. so long as they can enrich themselves with the money taken from the middle class. Notice how the Democrats in Power adore the poor. Michelle told the world she and Barack were so poor that his car had a hole in it and she saw the road pass by her feet.  That’s probably where she learned how wonderful it is to step on the necks of the people. Michelle and Barack would be struck by lightening if they told you how rich they are. If they started out so poor and Barack drove a crappy car and never had a corporate job….. here’s the time to mention they met “AFTER LAW SCHOOL” and they were never poor. Neither one. They went to Ivy League Schools, for crying out loud. So what if they got loans to pay for tuition, they probably got someone else to pay. That’s the way the whiney, lying Democrats treat loans. Try to not pay them back. Get the rest of the population to pay. Get the middle calss to pay for the EBT card, the new name for food stamps. EBT so the poor are not embarassed at the check-out.

America is in the grip of Tyrants. The Left rules by force. They get milk, cheese, E for the more equal people by forcing the rest of the people to pay or lose their freedom, or their property. The state has control of all the children. It has control of all the property. It has control of the businesses. Do you know how they did that? Do you care? Or are you Democrat like the immoral, grasaping dopes who spoke at the DNC. Not one of them, … not any of them used the word “profit” except to condemn Romney who got money by exchanging his brains, ideas and products for it compared to every Democrat who spoke at the DNC who got it by force. Even that poor excuse for a normal person, Sister  Campbell wants the dictatorship to force more money from the people. She sure cannot pay to feed the poor that’s she adores. She’s worse than a pawnbroker who deals with thieves which is the moral basis for her warped morality. Nun on the Bus indeed. She should have jumped under it which is where she wants the rest of the free world to go. She’s a disgrace to the world. Her church and her Bishops don’t agree with her so why should we?

Say it a hundred times because if Obama gets four more years America will be called “THE UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA”. The USSA. Goodbye to the rest of freedom. Hello bigger dictatorship. Hello more Obamunism. As you can tell, I’m against all that.

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