Hitchens also said in a book: God Is Not Great, angering uncountable millions, just as the Pentagram next to a Nativity scens in Forida has angered many tradiotional christians who have defaced and pulled over what they consider to be a sign of the devil. They really, truly believe Satan is a real thing. Imagine that. In this day and age.

There are of late several writers in their ascendency who blame then condemn people who disagree with their particular religion. Reference the Screwtape Letters by C.S. lewis which are letters allegedly written by Satan to his nephew Wormwood that show how the devil works against one particular religion, viz., Christianity. The so-called pro-life movement has split Christianity into several warring factions and Christianity is at war with non-religious people. See Jonathon Van Maren if you want some evidence of the trend but don’t bother. He’s a bit off-the-wall as far as logic is concerned.

As of 2014, there are an estimated 4,200 different religions in the world, categorized into about 12 main religions. Christianity is not “a” religion but a collection of religions that follow Jesus. Roman Catholicism was the original christian religion which broke apart into various other religions like Lutheranism, Baptist, Calvinism, and Puritanism. Ditto for Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. There are many smaller yet still prevalent religions that get the total to about 1.200 but with the splinter groups, there are about 4,200.

Enter the inter-Christian religious wars. Mary Eberstadt wrote a book: “Dangerous To Believe” where she attacks “secular” religions, not recognizing “secular” means “not religious”. Her thesis is the birth control pill caused a decline in Christian believers.

Connecting sex to religion has been a deceitful connection as though sex has anything intrinsic to do with good or evil. Religionists in the spirit of the Puritans who condemned sex constantly make the connection but it’s simply an error in thought that does it. A transparent fiction designed to stifle debate.

Individuals are born with the attribute called sex. Making it into something evil is really warped thinking but they do it all the time changing something wonderful and beautiful into something degrading. That’s an epistemological trick.

All religions begin with a particular set of metaphysical principles called belief’s but they are based on some kind of other world. the problem is there is only one world.

Never mind say the religionists, we know there are other places some of which you can get to after your death. A sort of Dr. Seuss kind of place that exists n the imagination, not in “reality”. So we get the strange kind of “battle” between various versions of Christianity but those divisions happen in Islam too. Same for orthodox and progressive Judism. Hitchens was correct. It’s not great and it has poisoned thought. Will it ever end? Sure, but neither soon nor soon enough.

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