Leonard Cohen composed and sang Hallelujah. The Catholic Church uses “Allelujah”. Why? Religious differences. Purposeful and contrived differentiation; –distinctions meant to create a distance between identical concepts.

For what it’s worth, Hallelujah sounds more celebratory. Allelujah more adulatory, more to hold the object being venerated above the normal universe.

The song: “Hallelujah I’m a Bum” was meant to celebrate being a hobo. Hallelujah / Celebratory. Allelujah sounds “Easterish”, sung and said after the Resurrection. Adulation.
Cohen however said he used the word to celebrate being alive and being aware he was. It’s not meant to celebrate a deity even though Cohen couched his ideas in Old Testament biblical jargon. The old testament is the original bible Hallelujah. The new testament begins with the Virgin Birth. Praise is due to the creator of the universe for the instillation of life. Allelujah.
Cohen’s use of Hallelujah is purposeful. The song works amazingly well with Allelujah. Same number of syllables. Same cadence in the chorus. Adding the “H” changes nothing.
So why is it Hallelujah not Allelujah? Who can say?

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