Nowhere else in the world has Obama failed like he’s failed in the Middle East.

Remember his famous “Red Line” in Syria about Assad using chemical weapons? Assad used them but Obama backed down.

Putin used Assad to get a Russian Naval fleet into the Eastern Mediterranean where he backs up threats against Israel.

Putin can be a player in the defeat of ISIS, a campaign promise Trump must redeem and which he seems to be positioning himself by adding military people to his inner circles and his cabinet.

When the Obama and Hillary began to fund and train rebels to overthrow Assad Assad rallied his troops and began bringing in allies — Hezbollah, Iran and Russia.

It was with their indispensable assistance that Assad recaptured Aleppo in the decisive battle of the war. And now America has lost credibility all over the Arab and Muslim world.

Trump aided by Putin and advised by Kissinger can regain control over it’s enemies in the Middle East and regain credibility by defeating ISIS.

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