There’s never been a successful multi-racial country. So says Pat Buchanan in “The Death of the West”. Patrick J. Buchanan’s contentious premise is the United States is no longer a healthy melting pot, but instead a confused, tottering “conglomeration of peoples with almost nothing in common.” Relying on United Nations population statistics, and citing such diverse sources as Yogi Berra and Rhett Butler, Buchanan sees for America four “clear and present dangers”: declining birth rates; uncontrolled immigration of peoples of “different colors, creed, and cultures”; a rise of “anti-Western” culture antithetical to established religious, cultural, and moral norms; and a “defection of ruling elites” to the idea of world government.

But like other nations that have spit apart like Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and The Soviet Union, America has nothing to split apart. There’s no “Un-America”. It’s all the same. Like it or hate it, we’re in this together which is instructive to the #NeverTrumper’s. Where can they go? To a state? Same problem. No state has a safe-race-free zone. That’s good.

Here’s what Buchanan didn’t quite get. First lets look at his research where he provides loads of statistics and scholarly articles and books to back up his thesis the the West is disappearing. It’s excellent but terribly one-sided. He has a book to sell and with a fully balanced view it wouldn’t sell. It’s not that he’s lying; he’s telling the truth and he’s correct in his presumption that The West Will Disappear.

America has changed. but not fundamentally. America still follows the Constitution. Not so much the Declaration of Independence which goes off in the wrong reasons that Individuals have Rights. We do but they were discovered, not zoomed into us somehow as Jefferson states in the Declaration. Jefferson along with Buchanan accepts the idea of an anatomical based Creator: “endowed by their Creator” as it were. The word “Their” ananatomically endows the Creator as a human based entity.
That’s a picayune point so lets get to the meat of the argument. America was never a race-based or race-centered nation.

In Peru, Isaac Humala says he values the diversity of ideas. So he immersed his children in an ideology he created, known as “ethno-nationalism,” which argues that a Peruvian “copper race,” the Incan descendants, should have political supremacy in a region stolen away by lighter-skinned outsiders.
“We are racists, certainly,” he said during a morning commute this week to the downtown office of his Peruvian Nationalist Movement, the political organization which he created. “We advocate saving the copper race from extinction, disintegration and degeneration. Everyone is a racist, because nationalism is something that is in the blood, just like it is with the Japanese in Japan and the Germans in Germany.”

Peru can decide to be “Copper Race Based”. It’s small enough and has few people compared to America so there’s someplace for his copper people to go. There are too few non-copper people to matter, unlike America where there are millions of every race and probably more copper people than are in Peru. What can be done in Peru can’t be done in America. Good.

That’s why the #Never Trumper’s cannot succeed in America. There’s not enough of them and there’s many more of us but there’s no place they can go to avoid us. Same for us. Nowhere to go. Grin and bear it. Suck it up for now but like it or not, you’re in America. Lucky you. .

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