The Anti-American “Lamestream Media” has relentlessly promoted Hillary and largely ignored or downplayed violent attacks against supporters of Donald Trump.Why?
Democrat Desperation. Desperation by Hillary supporters that Trump is gaining in the polls and it looks like he’s going to win.

NBC reported Nov. 4. “In Nevada, Reno police Officer Tim Broadway said campaign-based vandalism has been more prevalent this season than during any election in his 12-year career.” HERE.
Many violent attacks at pro-Trump events appear to have been orchestrated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and senior operatives in the Democratic National Committee. Undercover videos shot by ACORN slayer James O’Keefe’s group Project Veritas Action caught senior Democrat consultants Robert Creamer and Scott Foval acknowledging using dirty, likely illegal tricks against the Trump campaign.
Paid for violent demonstrators from left-wing organizations including MoveOn, Black Lives Matter, and People for Bernie forced the cancellation of a planned Trump rally March 11 at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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