When the people no longer accept the political legitimacy of it’s government they revolt which explains the popularity of Donald Trump.

The Liberals began importing Democrat voters when Democrat Jimmy Carter embraced the Mariel Boatlift as legal immigrants. Miami and Florida became solidly Democrat. That also explains Obama’s encouragement of Mexicans and others to cross the American border however they can. Illegal immigrants get drivers licenses which registers them to vote Democrat. America’s massive Welfare System has offices outside America including in Central America to encourage more immigrants to come to America and register Democrat. The government has no sensitivity about how detestable that is to Americans.

he political establishment and the government they control have no idea how contemptible they have become but over half of the people look at government the way they looked at King George III. Trump has appeared bathed in light to take down the Liberal Democratic Party Left. The establishment Democrats must try to stop him just as King George III tried to stop the rebels at Lexington and Concord. Trump is the modern equivalent of George Washington.
When he refused to say he would accept the results of an obviously corrupted election process from the Liberals and their Propaganda Machinery that gets direction from Washington, Donald J. Trump accepted his role as the leader of the revolt just as George Washington in 1775 accepted his role to lead the Continental Army in rebellion against the King.

It’s not Donald J. Trump the Liberals should fear, — it’s the people.

The question isn’t why Donald Trump continues to draw large crowds while Hillary doesn’t. The question is why are so many people so angry? The answer of course is they are tired of being victimized and condemned by government so the people are seriously angry and rebelling against the failed policies of the Liberal Left and the Democrats. The time for Trump is right now.

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