Hey America. Ever watch a tackle during a football game?

Who’s watching out for police officer Darren Wilson whose skull was fractured, (his eye socket was broken) and whose face was swollen from the attack on him by Michael Brown before Brown was killed for refusing to obey several direct orders by police officer Wilson? Maybe the police union is protecting officer Wilson. Maybe not. they are influenced by the presence of U.S. Attorney general Eric Holder whose immediate superior is the President of the United States. They are hardly neutral and impossibly biased. But anyone who is involved has similar biases. It’s almost impossible to think about the death of Michael Brown without some kind of bias.

We know President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are seemingly supporting Michael Brown, probably because of the risk of more rioting in Ferguson, MO. But what about the police officer? The President and the AG can’t support both sides. They decided to support Michael Brown’s version of the shooting so they cannot support police officer Wilson’s account of events too. In some situations and this is one of them it’s either / or but not both.

WARNING! The following is upsetting to read so please don’t continue if you will be offended by information or speculation that may offend your sensibilities. It is not meant to incite.

Michael Brown was shot once in the top of his head. Apparently that was the last shot that hit Michael Brown. How did a shot hit him in the top of his head?

His head was down while he was moving towards the officer attacking him yet again.

The shot wasn’t made while Brown was on the ground because we know the police officer to do that would have had to point his gun at Brown’s head while Brown was lying in the street. Wilson would have had to at least bent over or even knelt in front of Brown’s prone body to get his hand in a position where he could have shot into his head.  

Recall that a man trying to tackle a runner in football usually has his head down while he is charging into the runner. Michael Browns head was down when he was charging police officer Wilson. that explains how Brown came to be shot in the top ig his head.

Michael Brown was a big, powerful young man who had just broken officer Wilson’s skull. He was charging the officer who had ordered him to stop. He was much larger than the officer therefore he had a physical advantage over the officer. He had used his fists and his power to break the officers skull. That’s a lot of force. So, even though Brown did not have a gun he was using force and it can be argued he was in possession of and was using deadly force. He could have killed officer Wilson with his powerful fists. In that sense he was using deadly force. Officer Wilson’s life was therefore in mortal danger.

If the above conjecture is correct or if it reasonably represents what happened, the officer’s life was in danger therefore he had no choice but to keep shooting while he was being attacked again.

Hopefully the truth will be discovered regarding the events that resulted in the death of Michael Brown. At the moment the truth may cause more rioting in Ferguson and around the country. But the sooner the truth is discovered and disseminated, the sooner justice can prevail. The possibility that justice may not prevail is rather high because of the involvement of the federal government which should have been just as interested in the truth about Benghazi but wasn’t. At the moment however the reality is that the great power of the federal government is being used in an investigation which can be conducted and should be conducted by the local and state police in Missouri.

The chances of a fair investigation by the federal government seems remote because of the racial nature of the events and the racial nature of the federal investigation. It’s more like swatting flies with a hammer. The hammer is worse than the flies.   

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