When she was in the White House she worked “doners” to get paid but the payments went to the DNC. As Sec State the bribes went into the Clinton Foundation from which her daughter and husband were “paid”.

Bernie Madoff looks like an angel compared to Crooked Hillary. Madoff only bribed himself when he took clients money, paid other clients and took a fee. The fee was the bribe he paid himself.

Madoff used a “cut-out” to avoid the direct appearance of being bribed or accepting a bribe. . Hillary was smart enough to use “cut-outs” too, getting someone else to accept the bribes, aka. benefits,  and she benefited when she was “innocently” paid by the DNC or the Clinton Foundation. Of course she ordered the Foundation to pay sertain of her bills so she was even further isolated from the actual cash.

When a bribe is called something else, it’s still a bribe. Getting free carpeting at her Chappaqua house means she didn’t accept cash. But it’s a bribe to accept anything for an official act so carpets fit the definition just like actual cash.

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