It came rather late but racism finally is over, at least in America.  It’s not in the blood of the white race to hate the black race so the false charge of racism was a surprise when it was made and it took a long time to grasp that the charge was false. Thank phony people like phony “Pocahontas” Warren, elected to the Senate over and over by the Left Liberals of Massachusetts.

So calling everyone a “racist” doesn’t work anymore. If it did, Trump would have lost.

Keep in mind what racism is. Start with the idea that the group doesn’t exist. Only individuals exist. Proof? When you see a group do you see a blob or individuals? You can talk about a group but it’s individuals about whom you are talking. So when Elizabeth Warren talks about the charge of racism against Senator Sessions, as she attempted to do by reading a letter from the widow of MLK, she is talking about Senator Sessions hatred of every black person which is preposterous on its face. Senator Sessions doesn’t know every black person.

In addition the charge in the MLK widow letter is absolutely false because Jeff Sessions was defending black people in the incident, not engaged in hating them. HERE.

Warren represents the continued meltdown and lunacy of the left and the progressive march right off the cliff of sensibility.

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