Trump easily won the second debate despite the obvious bias of the two “Hillary Worshiping” moderators.

The moderators, both Rabid Hillary/Obama Liberals were clearly behind Hillary and they constantly interrupted, attacked and went after Trump with a vengeance. Both were against Trump and it showed in their very voices as they constantly tried to show Trump wasn’t the winner, but he was. See for yourself HERE.

Trump prevailed in answer after answer but because of the interruptions and the time wasted by the unfair moderators he could have gone after “Lying, Crooked” Hillary even more than he did. Perhaps in the next debate he will get a better and fairer shot at it because the moderator will be Chris Wallace from FOX NEWS who is not as Liberal as the two biased moderators in the second debate.

Moderator Bias in the questions on: guns, Social Security, government reform, student debt, and immigration were submitted and were far more popular than the questions chosen by the biased moderators but they went un-asked. Despite the strong bias against him by the biased moderators Donald Trump easily won the debate by over a two to one margin, 68% to 32%. Nice going Donald.

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