Who Knew? Scores of people knew or found out and it’s in “Blood Sport” by Joe Klein.

Is it true?

Yes, according to several witnesses but it’s difficult to confirm because of the doctor-patient secrecy rules.

This has massive political repercussions. It seriously dumps the Democtat’s one best hope for 2016 although Michelle Obama may rescue them. So could Oprah but not Elizabeth Warren the lying non-Native America.

Here’s the inside scoop. Hillary’s been treated for blood clots. She was put on an anti-coagulant drug but decided to quit taking it.

Sitting on airplanes for hours at a time increased the possibility of another blood clot. Another one formed and lodged in a vein in her skull. It could have led to a stroke or perhaps it did. Doctor patient again. Joe Klein wrote about it in ‘BLOOD SPORT”.

Hillary has an arrhythmia; an irregular heartbeat. It may be due to other factors in addition to a heart valve problem. Neither is serious at the moment and neither or both may not be a major problem unless Hillary aggravates her underlying problems.

In addition to her blood clot problem she has at least one defective heart valve. that could be the most dangerous of her other two very dangerous cardio problems.

As Joe Klein wrote in BLOOD SPORT; ” before they released Hillary from the hospital, they warned Bill Clinton: “She has to be carefully monitored for the rest of her life.'” 

 From this point forward, Hillary’s life in in danger if she decides to subject her body to a lot of travelling while sitting down and even Hillary can’t campaign for President by walking.

This is a game changer. Hillary’s out.

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