Hillary is the problem that needs to be fixed.

Judge Jeanine Pirro fired back at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who accused Donald Trump of being divisive and engendering racial strife.

“This week, Hillary’s all better, and she and her surrogates call on all Americans—all but us ‘Deplorables’—to stand up and repudiate Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric—through their own divisive rhetoric!” Pirro said in her Opening Statement.

“Hillary is so desperate for the black vote that she insists on creating race issues,” she said, playing a clip of Clinton last week accusing Trump of “describ[ing] the black community in such insulting and ignorant terms.”

“Isn’t Donald Trump speaking to the problems of the minority communities in inner cities? Maybe your recent health issues have prevented you from grasping the reality of inner city crime,” Pirro said, adding that her criticisms of Trump could easily be an indictment of her own actions.

“You choose to create division—you look for a target: the police, Donald Trump, a common enemy. Then you promise the world and you have the gall to actually say “imagine someone who distorts the truth to fit a very narrow view of the world…who sees someone who doesn’t look like him and agree with him, and thinks that person must not be a real America.”

“This is exactly what you said when you called us ‘deplorable’,” Pirro said.

“Islamic Supremacism”  Say it loud: Islamic Supremacism Iss-Lahmic-Soo-Prem-Iss-Ciz-Em. 

Here’s Rush today, ….brilliant: “In a rational world, where our highest imperative would be to understand the threat that confronts us rather than to find the least offensive way of describing it, it would be patently, undeniably obvious that we are targets of international terrorism fueled by Islamic Supremacist Ideology. Nevertheless, the political class can only bring itself to say this kicking and screaming, and only if there is no other plausible alternative…

“That is because Islamic supremacism is a mainstream interpretation of Islam.” As a result, “[t]he political class has convinced itself that uttering the plain truth would be condemning all of Islam, meaning all Muslims — notwithstanding that no one sensible claims Islamic supremacism is the only way of interpreting Islam, and, in fact, jihadist battalions kill more Muslims than non-Muslims.” See, the point is, when you say that there is an ideology of Islamic supremacism within Islam, the detractors say, “You can’t say that! You can’t tar and feather all of Islam.”

We’re not. Mr. McCarthy’s not. “Islamic supremacism is a mainstream interpretation of Islam … notwithstanding that no one sensible claims Islamic supremacism is the only way of interpreting Islam…” There are many other interpretations, but Islam supremacism, Sharia law is mainstream. It’s not a bunch of extreme kooks is the point. It is the mainstream of Islam. “Speaking forthrightly would also undermine a fiction the political class inanely believes is essential to social cohesion:

“The notion, oft-repeated by President Obama and Hillary Clinton, that Islam is part of the fabric of American life, as native in our history as apple pie and Judeo-Christian culture.” And, by the way, they do. Obama and Hillary and the Democrat Party attempt to get away with saying that every opportunity they get, and everybody knows it isn’t true! Everybody knows it’s BS! Islam is not part of the fabric of American life. It doesn’t date back to the founding. It’s not as American as apple pie and Chevrolet and Judeo-Christian culture.
“Islam…” This is Mr. McCarthy writing, and he’s made a career of it now “Islam, of course, is an alien belief system,” as far as the United States is concerned. Now, just ’cause it’s alien: “That doesn’t make it bad per se,” but there’s nothing in common with Sharia law. There’s no way you can take the U.S. Constitution and have Sharia get in bed with it and end up with something the same or better. It’s not possible. That’s what is meant by it’s alien to our way of life. It’s dramatically alien in fact, Sharia, compared to the Constitution.

Our society is a melting pot and many things alien to it have blended their way in, making us more vibrant, dynamic, innovative, and successful. Clearly, though, not everything alien is benign and welcome.” He’s just trying to explain his usage of the word “alien” here. That’s a way of rejecting this claim that Islam is as American as apple pie and jihad. It’s not true. But they try to convince us — and, of course, they’re having success making young, duped Millennials believe this kind of tripe.

“[N]othing is more alien and hostile to our society than Islamic Supremacism — which, at its core, is sharia supremacism. … Because we are trapped in a politically correct fantasy world in which (Obama and Hillary say:)t”errorism has nothing to do with Islam and Islam is innately American,” that is a fantasy world, “the political class can never admit that obvious jihadist attacks — such as those that just occurred in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota — are international terrorism.” They can never admit that. They have to be lone wolves, radicalized by some outside force like Donald Trump or Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, you name it.

“Indeed, we are in a state of such self-parody that, this weekend, it somehow became ‘intemperate’ and ‘un-presidential’ to conclude that … bombs — were in fact bombings.” That’s how deluded some in our leadership are! That is a self-parody. “The playbook has become so tired. Nothing can be considered terrorism, even a mass-casualty attack with the objective of intimidating a civilian population or government (the legal definition of terrorism) unless and until there is convincing evidence connecting it to a known terrorist organization — usually ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

“It is acceptable, you see, to label as ‘terrorism’ an attack connected to these organizations because the political class has pronounced them as non-Islamic…” How many times have you heard Obama say ISIS has nothing to do with Islam? So you can say that terrorism attaches to ISIS all day long in their book, because you’re not tying it to Islam. Here’s the problem: “The enemy that unifies the terrorist siege against the U.S., Israel, and the West is Islamic supremacist ideology, which aims to bring the world under sharia dominion.” The enemy “is far more important than ISIS and Al-Qaeda because it is what created ISIS and Al-Qaeda.”

Islamic supremacist ideology is where ISIS got its ideas. It’s where Al-Qaeda got its ideas. It was the catalyst before those jihadist organizations even existed — and Islamic supremacist ideology is gonna be around long after ISIS and Al-Qaeda are gone, and they’re gonna be around for as long as we fail to take it on without apology and discredit it in the light day of. And we don’t have anybody in our current leadership that is willing to get anywhere close to that. We don’t have anybody.

Obama, Hillary, nobody in the Democrat Party and many in the Republican Party don’t want to get anywhere near discrediting Islamic supremacist ideology because they can’t. They’ve gotten themselves boxed in to where there isn’t any terrorism in Islam, and so this can’t be Islamic supremacist ideology. This is a bunch of extremist kooks. If we continue to deny and live in our little fantasy world of politically correct empathy and so forth, these attacks are gonna continue to happen, and we’re not gonna correctly identify them and thus not prepare for the next ones, and it’s just gonna be a repeated cycle.

And with every repeated cycle, the Democrat Party is gonna blame the handiest Republican for it all. And if there’s not a handy Republican, they’ll go back and blame Bush. And the cycle will just keep repeating. The thing to note in that scenario — with the Democrats in charge, Hillary Clinton in charge, Obama, people who think like that — this never ends, folks. If you want it to end, you have got to get rid of people whose actions essentially allow it to continue. And that would be Obama and that would be Hillary and Crazy Bernie and Elizabeth what’s her name, Warren, whatever these people, whoever, Democrat leaders in the House, Senate, White House, wherever you go. They and the way they act, the way they believe, the way they talk perpetuate all this.

It will never be fixed — it will never be solved — with people like that running this country.

“There was an “expert” on CNN — and I didn’t get the name — between the 10:15 and 10:30 who said literally, quoting, “Two or three lone wolves may have gotten together.”

The infobabe anchor asked, “What happened, what happened?”

“Well, don’t worry about it, it’s nothing but lone wolves, two or three of them may have gotten together.”

How do “lone wolves” get together?


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