Moments ago Hillary refused to admit the failure of her policy to stop terrorists. She praised Obama and the National Security Team and the many Generals, Silicon Valley Tech companies and “Senior Officials” with whom she met about the terror attacks in Minnesota, NYC and New Jersey and said she had plans to……. well, her plans didn’t work yesterday and they won’t work tomorrow.

Hillary has bad plans. She can’t figure out what to do.

Donald Trump knows what to do. Change the plans. Change the playbook. Vett people who may be terrorists and deal with them appropriately.

Hillary is a failed leader. Time for her to┬áretire. Time for her to┬átry to get healthy again and spend more of her ill-gotten Clinton Foundation “donations” from foreign leaders and others who got her to get legislation to help them at the expense of the American people. A failed leader because she’s a failure. She has a failed marriage, lost the last campaign to Obama and will lose this campaign to Trump.

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