Cheryl Mills and Hillary decided what emails were personal so they deleted anything from the emails on the various servers that mentioned “The Clinton Foundation” especially the solicitation of money from foreign countries, foreign heads of state, diplomats and anyone who was solicited for money by Hillary.

Hillary is Obama plus gangsterism.  The Clintons are to politics what Bonnie and Clyde were to banks. Get as much cash as you can..

Hillary wants to be the female Al Capone boss.  Bill Clinton worked to collect money from friends and pay for it by looting the U.S. treasury via contracts to his friends; Hillary does it with the Clinton Foundation.

Conservatives lost the PR war because the Democrats control the press, social media, and Hollywood.  You can put a lot of misinformation, propaganda, and lies if you control these entities.

The Democrats are the party of exploitation, theft, the black codes, and slavery, yet they pitch social justice, economic equality, and racial justice. They get support from the journalists and the media.

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