Some of her many sins are in “The Seduction Of Hillary Rodham” but that book was written long before she was appointed to run the United States Department of State where she did less than any previous Secretary of State. Should Hillary be paid attention to or is she just another in a long parade of bad political types who have been inflicted upon the human race?

Her past sins are many and Rudy Giuliani claims that as Secretary of State with her private, unprotected computer server as well as the private market back up server on which was the same information but in a more vulnerable setting in a seldom visited closet in Denver, and that both illicit servers were as open as the sky to the various enemy governments, on those servers were official State Department documents that never should have been in either place, on those servers Giuliani claims she violated at least 16 different Federal Statutes and many statutes were violated multiple violations. At this point there is no way to judge how deep the danger was because of her inept decisions to use off-site, unsecured computer servers.

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