Her treason is on two levels. First, her use of government to collect bribes and second her sell-out of American values and virtues. Hispanics and most other nonwhites have no interest in limited government. Polls consistently show Hillary’s Hispanics support big government and more welfare programs. That’s a sell-out of self-determination Liberty and self-determination, virtues that made America unique and exceptional among nations and cultures.

Hillary’s world is the third world, visible all over the globe as cultures never achieve freedom as America did in the 1700’s.

Dismissing the garbage moralities of so many third world nations with their phony virtue-signaling and cliched rhetoric, there’s a very old word that describes the kind of people Hillary is. It’s ‘traitor.’ That’s all, nothing new.

There have been all kinds. We’ve had bishop traitors, knight traitors, general traitors, statesman traitors, scholar traitors, and just plain traitors. the mind decays, the spirit warps. And the traitors like Hillary just keep coming.

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