Unintelligibility doesn’t come naturally to Home Sapiens so it takes practice to make unintelligible statements. Kanye West is an unintelligibility expert judging from his “speech” which was a series of mouth sounds without meaning or purpose. Truly an incredible performance which fits the supreme court definition of pornography which is there is no definition.

No point to watch the award show, it was boring before and after Mr. West who must be among the lowest intellectual class identifiable. He has made loads of money but that requires lots of performance art, not intellect. In that Mr. West is at the top of the game.

There are scads of ways to perform and the awards are to recognize in some manner performance. Watching someone get an award however isn’t a performance. Fifty so called performers jerking and higgily-jiggling around is moving but not performing anymore than eating is performing. Nothing worth watching. Nothing.

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