Kaepernick, you are a cheater. You decided to demonstrate on property that’s not yours. That’s cheating. At the apex of worldwide sports you embarrassed yourself and showed your mis-education about America which was founded by Europeans, not Africans. If you want to object to that leave America. Go somewhere else where maybe some people will listen to your nonsensecial ideas about race. We don’t want to listen to or even see you. 

Kaepernick proves the race thing isn’t going according to plan. Whites are being hunded for the Polar Bear Hunting or the Knockout game. Blacks beating whites, ala Reginald Denny, George Zimmerman and the physical attacks on Ferguson, MO. officer Darran Wilson and Kaepernick ignores that? In the age of cell phones, there’s only so much we can claim Kaepernick doesn’t know.

To avoid admitting that we are seeing a black race insurgency, the media insist the police are the problem. They are not. Blacks are unmistakably gripped by a powerful racial hatred of white people. If the police were perfect, nothing would change.

Fred says he can think of no way to solve the country’s racial disaster. Can you?

Ritual chantings in the media about racism, discrimination, white privilege, institutional racism, and so on are neither a program nor a solution. (Incidentally, why is “Kill Whitey” not racist?)

Neither is documenting the intense racism of blacks, interracial-rape ratios, crime, and low scores on promotional examinations.

For the moment, let us assume that all of the complaints of blacks and their allies are correct. All right. We did that. Now what?

There seems to be no solution. The underlying problem that will not go away is that blacks as a race have not shown themselves able to function in a modern society. Degrees and exceptions yes, but the central fact remains. One is not supposed to say this, and would that it were not true, but it is.

In particular they have lagged far behind academically. Attribute causation as you wish. The condition remains. It has proved impervious to every conceivable social program. For this reason affirmative action has become an entitlement rather than an entry point. For this reason the blacks in the blighted cities will never be employable. Everything works against them, most potently their own attitudes. Joblessness rises among better qualified whites. Obama brings in more Latinos to compete with blacks.

G. Alex Boone, an American and an NFL Guard who played five seasons with Kaepernick in San Francisco said he was upset and disappointed by Kaepernick’s actions but not surprised.

Kaepernick is a simple minded bigot. He should have thought through what he did by not standing while the National Anthem was played and sung.

By wrongly blaming white people for the deaths of black people mostly at the hands of black people he showed he’s a black man and a race-minded bigot.

Chip Kelly: You got worse every year at Philly because you can’t manage men. Instead of calling Kaepernick a dumb jerk you went off into some meaningless B/S.

You’re the coach. You’re the boss. Fine him.
Tell him to stay off the field until you call him then don’t call him until he gets what he did which was to condemn white people.
He’s half African. Maybe he can play some game in Africa where he won’t be bothered by American culture.

Philly Eagles Fans won’t have to put up with Kespernick or Kelly. The 49ers won’t be visiting Philly. Good. Instead of throwing our cheesesteaks at Kaepernick we can eat them. 

Bye Bye Colin. . . . .  .Bigot.

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