Desperate. Northampton Supervisor Candidates Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham are so far ahead of the Republican Candidates that the Republicans have resorted to a total mudslinging campaign after the spirit of the departed Jerry Bass. That’s all they have and that’s all they can do. They lost. They know it. They are running against me in 2015 using the same grotesque fabrications they used in 2011 and 2009. They are a gang united by hate and fueled by slime. Unfortunately for the GOP the Northampton GOP has become a bunch of delusional crackpots.

I say that because they travel in the dark. Many, including especially Tony Albano, Ed Farling, Steve McGill, Ethel Goldberg, write Letters To The Editor but never include their Insider GOP titles. In a discussion they lie as soon as they can, they cannot even trust themselves. They’ve broken even our own Republican Rules every campaign. They are the unfit Republicans. they are the Unfit Northampton GOP.   

From the dismal failures at the Oct 23 Supervisors meeting to the childish airbrushing campaign against Frank and Jim, these political waif’s can not do anything now except cheat, lie and try to steal votes. That’s what they did in their latest political ads where they airbrushed Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham faces onto distorted bodies. These people would paint a mustache on Mona Lisa if it could be used as a political ad for their empty candidates. Barbara Bucknum was a target. The Northampton Democrats were delighted to add Barbara Bucknum as their candidate for Tax Collector after the Northampton GOP told her she was too old. What a disgrace they are.

Since they lost the township after two disastrous dirty campaigns they have sunk even lower. Dave Breidinger, Chairman of the Northampton GOP should leave his religion before lightening strikes his place of worship. He knows what he did. His leadership produced convoluted ads that break four of the Commandments. He leads the Bad News GOP of Northampton.  

Northampton GOP Political Graffiti. The Republicans used Airbrushing to purposely distort the physical characteristics of two good, moral men. The GOP sent a campaign ad that’s low and tasteless. That’s all they can do at this point because they lost the campaign.

The Northampton GOP’s lying campaign ads are in the spirit of the Republican “Venom” websites of 2011 and 2009. Lies have no redeeming value. Graffiti belongs in the garbage dump. It has no place in Northampton.

Airbrushing is political pornography, -it’s that low. It’s not positive campaigning. They can’t do that. They can’t lead. They can’t follow. They can’t create. Like small childish bullies they can only attack their betters. They have bad ideas. Publishing graffiti is not bad campaigning it’s counterfeit campaigning. It’s not even as good as political theatre. It’s GOP political kindergarten and that’s all they all have.

The two Republican opponents of Rothermel and Cunningham are a disgrace to my Republican party. Likewise the Republicans who continue to work against Republican candidate Barbra Bucknum.

The Northampton GOP still steals campaign signs as they have been doing for the past sixteen years. It was Supervisor Komelasky who told me: “Bill, if your campaign signs are missing we took ’em”. He sent Joanne Malba’s Zoning Squad around the township and removed every one of my signs. I would get them from behind the township building and put them up agains and again.

From the despicable conduct of Tony Albano to the nonsense of Don George, the Northampton GOP insiders went lower and lower. They left the decent Republicans and made it impossible to vote for their mud-slingers.  

This election there is a real difference between the immoral candidates of the GOP and Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham. The choice could not be easier. Rothermel and Cunningham or two political bad boys.


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