The enthusiasm at a Trump rally is incredibly high. At a Hilary rally, not so much. Trump is a leader, a manager, great with people as he wades into the crowds, signs autographs, listens to comments and replies to many of them. Hillary, not so much.

People don’t relate to Hillary because Hillary doesn’t relate to people. People clearly relate and respond to Trump, even cheering during his speeches which show he’s  popular and the people are with him every step of his way.

He calls it a movement. It’s also a phenomenon. Trump is far more popular than Ronald Reagan. trump is historic. His candidacy has taken on a life of it’s own, he’s gotten better and better and the movement has happened and gotten away even from him, it’s that great.

Want to watch history in the making? this isn’t just a Presidential campaign, it’s far bigger.

Be historic. Pay attention to Trump from now to the election.

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