The two political parties caused the political success of Donald Trump. Trump correctly sensed what was going wrong. So did those who support him. It’s not a Republican or Democratic thing; it’s neither the Left vs the Right nor the pro-lifers or the supporters of a woman’s right to choose. It’s all of that. It’s that the entire system has been captured by the politicians. Trump is not a politician. He’s an American favoring America.

Trump want’s to “Make America Great Again”. Conversely, the politicians want to be great and get you to pay for their great lives. Hillary is a great example. She doesn’t care for anyone except herself and maybe Chelsea. She got rich using the American political system. Why would she change now? She runs one of the biggest political shakedown operations in history and it made her fabulously rich. No reason for her to change, just keep scooping up the cash by bribing heads of state and foreign governments. If God Forbid It, she wins the Presidency the Clinton Foundation will grow in value to the size of France.

In the process she’ll destroy even more of what made America the best place in the world to live.

What will Trump do? Specifically, it doesn’t matter. The world changes so much that it will be different the day he is elected and more different on the day he’s sworn in. He’ll know what to do when her has to do it. He’ll rescue America.

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