#BLM has been noticed around the world. Imitators that have seen the success of those concerned with police brutality against the black community and come up with even more hashtag philosophy. #EachLifeMatters is one of the latest. It’s specifically designed to attack the woman’s right to choose issue.

Opponents of #BLM haven’t been successful. The Obama Department of Justice just reported on the behavior of the Baltimore Police Department but failed to compare or even comment on the crime rates in the white and black neighborhoods. It’s impossible to determine if police activity is appropriate without including the crime rates and comparing them with crime rates in other places.

For example: violent crime in Baltimore is over eight times higher than the violent crime rate in the entire United States, i.e., .34 per 1,000 residents for Baltimore while the national total is 0.04.

Property crime in Baltimore is double the national average.

Is the higher crime rate even higher in the black neighborhoods? Yes. Certainly. Naturally. Why naturally? Because the same pattern is evident across the United States.

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