Christie did what James Comey, Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama couldn’t do, he indicted Hillary and asked ten or more times: “guilty or not guilty”. “Guilty”; “Lock Her Up” shouted the crowd.
Christie was ambushed by a semi-hostile Bill Hemmer who dismissively asked who wrote his speech. He did; -last night and early this morning, going to bed after 2.00AM. It was a brilliant set of ideas that did what Lynch and the FBI director just couldn’t do, –indict Hillary.

From UNZ Review, “Only a day after another black radical—this time a member of the Nation of Islam—opened fire on white police in Baton Rouge (killing two white officers and one black officer, injuring multiple other white officers), the presumptive nominee for the Democrat Party has doubled down on the idea that racist white police are still out there hunting innocent black people.

“Honestly, it’s hard to even keep a straight-face when reading what Hillary Clinton just told the NAACP National Convention in Cincinnati: that she will personally not stop leading a crusade against police “until we root out implicit bias and stop the killings of African Americans.”

Chris Christie is a much-maligned object of the Liberal, lying, left-wing-nut media especially including the talkers at the three major networks. FOX has treated him better but not by much. Chris Christie is a political super-star being elected twice as governor in a Democratic controlled state. He’s Republican and deserves more and better treatment on the National Scene.

With President Trump he might replace Loretta Lynch. That would be good for him and great for America.

The Republican Team has some of the best people in America this time around. Even Paul Ryan gave his full-throated approval of Donald Trump for President. Good. Very good. More coming tonight at the RNC.

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