She was nervous and in control as she addressed the raucous crowd of very political and politically astute Republican Delegates and 40 million on National Television. This is a young woman who is proud of and loves her father very much. She is the half sister of the three super-star Trump children of Ivana Trump, a superstar in her own right, and nine year old Barron Trump who is almost as tall as his great mother Melania Knauss Trump. These are not average children as each has proven during the Trump campaign for President and as speakers to the nation at the RNC in Cleveland.

Tiffany has a Democrat boyfriend who is still in school at Wharton where they met. She has the good common sense judgment of people that’s in her DNA as the daughter of Donald and Marla and the courage instilled in her by her father and probably her mother about less is known. This is no average young woman.

Donald’s financial success has been less successful than his success as a father and there’s nothing unsuccessful about Donald Trump. He’s needed by a world that’s been mis-pushed over the last eight years by disappointing Barack and by Hillary Clinton who should be charged by the Attorney General for sabotage via her e-mail server and for her many mistakes in judgment during her career starting with her being removed from the Democratic investigation of Watergate for tactics for which she should have been disbarred.

Hillary is a world class criminal who sold out for contributions to the Clinton Foundation, and numerous violations of common sense throughout her life.

Tiffany? She’s a beautiful inside and outside nascent millionairess of whom her mother and the next President can be objectively and justifiably proud. Keep your eyes on her, she’s a young woman on her way up and she’ll get way, way up.

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