If you’re white you’re Racist, Right? That’s the PC message from Obama and Clinton.

No Stereotypes. Why not?

If you choose to live in a crime-riddled neighborhood, that’s on you. It doesn’t make you a criminal and it may make you a victim. Me? I choose to decide based on evidence, not what the bloated media-government complex says about all people being equal. That doesn’t mean all people are criminals but in a crime-riddled neighborhood that’s the money bet.

Freedom lies in beating back the media-government crap about the dangers of driving while white in the crime-riddled complexes. Something about the right to self-defense. It’s an absolute and was supposed to be guaranteed but not to the media-government leviathan. Who are you to tell the mob “go away” or at least go away from me.

Freedom of association includes not to associate too.

But Mao-jacket wearer Hillary: “I want white people to understand how African Americans feel everyday.”. Hillary got it backwards. Why doesn’t she wake up to how white people feel as the state gets bigger and forces them into smaller and smaller blocks including forcing people to live with stereotypical dangerous and law-breaking people.

Hillary want’s to be safe so she cowers behind armed guards and tries to get the state to disarm you.

Incredibly Hillary doesn’t know the dangers of living with the group with the highest murder rates but not because they are victims but because they are bigoted perps. She believes and we know that because she said: “The anxiety and fear, particularly sending off their children, particularly young men, not knowing what’s going to happen to them,” Clinton said on MSNBC on Friday mixing up cause with effect.
Her answer to the 5 dead police officers of Dallas is: “we need more love and kindness”. Will that resurrect the innocent hero police officers or make Dallas, Ferguson, more dangerous? Hillary, of course has little idea what to do about crime in America, … or anywhere else. 



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