She deleted e-mails where she agreed to help foreign governments get American Money From Obama. Hillary Promised Obama A Supreme Court Appointment. She promised Loretta Lynch she would continue as Attorney General. She destroyed the evidence.

Obama is the worst U.S. President because he’s the most corrupt U.S. President. Hillary and Bill are extorting him with the promise of a Supreme Court Appointment in exchange for Obama working for Hillary’s Campaign. 

The Honest Services Statute and the Hobbs Act demanded Hillary should have worked in the interest of the United States, not for the benefit of herself and the potentates of the kingdoms of the Middle East and the dictatorships of Africa and the Far East.

Hillary violated these statutes when she accepted millions in personal benefits which she laundered through the Clinton Foundation in exchange for agreeing to use the power of her offices on behalf of the benefiting nations and people. Hillary is better at corruption than Jack Abramoff and Rod Blagojevich and Bernie Madoff combined.

Obama is doing more than just protecting Hillary, he’s campaigning on her behalf like a star-struck flunky, which of course he is. He want’s to be a cheating, multi-millionaire like the Clinton Crime family.


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