We know watchmakers make watches because we have seen them do it. Well, perhaps most people have never actually watched a watchmaker but most people know about watches and thanks to youtube we can watch a watch being made.

That wasn’t the case in 1831 before Charles Darwin sailed aboard the beagle and in 1859 when he published “The Origin of Species” which evolved into a seminal text in support of evolution.

Creationism is support for a creator creating each species.

Darwin wrote about evolution and showed examples like the evolution of finches blown by the wind from the mainland to the Galapagos Islands where they were trapped because the wind couldn’t blow them home. The most important differences between the finches are in the size and shape of their beaks, and the beaks are highly adapted to different food sources.

Religionists had relied on the existence of different species as an example of divine creator who made the different species. As it turned out the differences in Darwin’s finches weren’t created at all by some superior being but simply by their adaptation to a different location.

Richard Dawkins sounds the toxin thus: “What we have here is nothing less than a global assault on rationality, and the Enlightenment values that inspired the founding of this first and greatest of secular republics. Science education — and hence the whole future of science in this country — is under threat. Temporarily beaten back in a Pennsylvania court, the ‘breathtaking inanity’ (Judge John Jones’s immortal phrase) of ‘intelligent design’ continually flares up in local bush-fires. Dowsing them is a time-consuming but important responsibility, and scientists are finally being jolted out of their complacency. For years they quietly got on with their science, lamentably underestimating the creationists who, being neither competent nor interested in science, attended to the serious political business of subverting local school boards. Scientists, and intellectuals generally, are now waking up to the threat from the American Taliban.

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