President Obama has been willfully and purposefully distorting the official federal record by purging the record of true remarks. Sort of like what Hillary has been doing with her e-mails.

The Department of Homeland Security, and in particular the FBI, have systematically removed all words associated with Islam from their internal documents. As chronicled in Philip Haney’s book See Something — Say Nothing, there were two separate purges of materials after Barack Hussein Obama took office, undertaken at the request of DHS’ Muslim “partners”.

Obama’s purging of Islamic materials is the most successful covert influence operations in United States history. Quietly, and without making anyone outside the bowels of the bureaucracy aware of it, Muslim agents sabotaged the ability of the relevant agencies to deal with the threat of Islamic terrorists. Homeland Security, the CIA, FBI and off ot the other public security agencies are unable to talk about the ideology behind the Islamic attacks on the United States of America and of the West. Obama is guilty of a massive fraud which is itself a crime and has been complicit in the murders of Americans inside America because he removed references about the motives of the murderers from the Federal Record.

Obama made it impossible to analyze it in any meaningful way, unable even to explain it to the United States Military or to Federal employees or other parts of the government.

It’s a remarkable,anti-American victory for Islam. For those of us who have long hoped that our government would eventually wake up and act to roll back the Islamization of the United States, we have been betrayed by and anti-American President.

Ninety seven years ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that dangerous speech is not protected. It can be prosecuted. Does that cover Jihad, the religious based command to kill certain people?

Is Jihad religious speech?

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