A trade deal is not either – or.
Brexit does not mean Britain will not trade with Europe. It merely changes the deal from control by the unelected tyrants of the Brussels EU to the elected leaders in Britain.

Fueled by the astounding failure of Obama to fight ISIS and riding a similiar wave in America is: “The Donald”. His spectacular “Triumph of Trump” in the Republican primaries — based on his appeal to aggrieved and angry working class Republicans; his fierce attacks on the mendacious dumb media and the equally less endowed pundits; his flouting of what passes for conventional wisdom about electability — sent the pundits back to their think tanks to figure out what on earth was happening with American voters. The pundits should have known about Trump before Trump happened. That’s why they are pundits but Trump exposed them, starting with “Anti-Trump Megyn Kelly.”

Trump was, the pundits finally figured out, sui generis, a peculiar appearance in the political system softened up by excessive advantageous Welfare for the Undeserving, illegal immigrants, the jihad murders since 9/11 and the Tea Party revolt. Trump reflects attitudes coalescing around the world. He is, finally, in many ways, a mouthpiece with a megaphone for the real America and the “Leave” voters in Britain. Having Hillary around amplifies the anger.

trump has opposed trade deals that outsource American jobs, supported higher taxes for “hedge-fund managers,” and declared his commitment to saving Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Yes, of course, Trump has also made statements directly contradicting these positions or aligned himself with politicos who take the exact opposite stances. But the billionaire is a triumphant version of the “average Joe” (with billions in pocket change) that plays well in America. Whether consciously or not, he has taken a page from Brexit’s playbook.

What sets Trump apart is his commitment to making “America great again.” Hillary has tried and failed to argue that America is already great, has been great, and will always be great. But the truth is, for many Americans, things have not been so great for at least the last two decades.

Trumps slogan distinguishes Obama’s elitist America from America. The American economy is growing. Unemployment is supposed to be at 5% but we know it’s around 16% or higher. American taxpayers and voters didn’t benefit from Obama’s elitist prosperity. American’s have suffered, not profited, from the phony transformation the country has gone through since 1989 (and was particularly hard hit by the near economic meltdown of 2007-2008).

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