Obama’s defiant refusal to enforce immigration law means he repealed immigration law. Negative Enforcement is the same as Positive Law.
Separation of Powers is unable to control Obama. He simply refused to enforce immigration law which dumbfounded Congress. Refusing to catch and deport illegal immigrants is de-facto Amnesty. Obama has granted illegal immigrants Amnesty.

Congress is baffled by Obama’s Amnesty. The Supreme Court ruled he didn’t have Amnesty Power. Big deal. That didn’t stop Obama.

Obama wants illegal’s to have Amnesty so Obama refused to enforce anti-Amnesty laws. Therefore the illegals have de-facto Amnesty. No one can stop him.

If someone can stop him, why didn’t they do it? What he’s been doing, not enforcing Immigration Laws, violates his Oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution. Protect means enforce the law. It means in the case of illegal immigration to arrest and deport violators. He refuses because he wants Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants.

Obama is providing illegal, de facto Amnesty.

Who’s winning here? Looks like Obama.

Congress hasn’t stopped him because: —– who the heck knows why? Is it because Congress cannot enforce immigration law? No. It’s because Congress hasn’t used its powers to control a rogue President.

Congress has not stopped him from refusing to do his job because the Separation of Power issue is the wrong argument. The issue is a rogue President who want’s Amnesty and a baffled Congress and a befuddled Supreme Court that don’t know what to do. What a shame for America that Congress hasn’t figured out how to be Congress. How strange.

Hope President Trump can fix this and clear the minds of Congress and the Supreme Court. .

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