Ignorance is invisible but the degree of ignorance is even less visible. The danger of being judged by ignorant people was more than sufficient to cause the small, ignorant community of Salem to murder women who were believed by ignorant people to possess supernatural and evil power but what about Germany? The land of philosophers and poets was unable to stop itself from leashing murder on one of the grandest scales imaginable, unimaginable that is until the Empire of Japan went at it and murdered more people than Germany.

This is the evil that Obama honored by recognizing the destruction of Hiroshima which called into reality all of the bad angels in the man’s ignorance. What would he say to the citizens of Salem or Germany? That ignorance doesn’t matter?

The wholesale collection of records by the invertly named National Security Agency is a secret kept from the innocent individuals who can be harmed by ignorance of judges who can and will use the information to murder people. Being protected from death cannot happen with such people in such a culture that it tries to keep them from protecting themselves because a protectable daughter cannot be murdered by her friends so long as she has a father who can defend her.
China’s official estimate is more than 300,000 murdered by the Japanese Army based on the evaluation of the Nanjing War Crimes Tribunal in 1947. Denial of the massacre and revisionist accounts of the killings have become a staple of Japanese nationalism. Why didn’t Obama visit Nanking? Because he opposes America, not Japan. Less than a month before the 70th anniversary of the Nanjing massacre, a film director said Japanese war criminals were martyrs who were made into scapegoats for war crimes as Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross in order to bear the sins of the world, and they died bearing all of old Japan’s good and bad parts. He also claimed the Nanjing Massacre was a politically motivated frame-up by China and numerous Western eyewitnesses, whose accounts form the basis of the historical understanding of the Nanjing Massacre. These accounts were, according to the filmmakers, espionage activities.

The director Mizushima said his film was meant to counter the film Nanking, a 2007 American documentary, which he believed was “based on fabrications and gives a false impression” and which he perceives to be a “setup by China to control intelligence”. So much for ignorance.

Current estimates of between 15 and 20 million Chinese murdered by the Japanese Military in the Japanese – Chinese War between 1937 and 1945 when Hiroshima and Nagasaki finally defeated may not be wide of the mark; at the least, more than 90 million Chinese became refugees in their own country. Total Japan / Chinese war dead estimates stand at 27 million. Disgraceful. Disgusting and Obama honors that.

Why didn’t he speak about the atrocities committed by Japan? The way to promote healing is not to ignore the past but to confront it, analyze it, draw conclusions then plan for the future. That’s too complex for Obama so he mistakenly plods on his ignorance on display by his actions.

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