Obama wrongly blames guns for the Orlando Massacre. He failed to understand the massacre happened because it took too long for the second gun to arrive.

People with guns stopped Hitler but Obama blames American Politicians for the Orlando Massacre. He knows it was the Liberal anti-gun laws that stopped someone, anyone with a second gun to be there. It took an three (3) hours for police to arrive. Why did it take so long?

Lets not blame the police. It was the murderer that murdered so many people so coldly over the three hours.

Perhaps Obama blames un-thinking guns because he is afraid of guns. If so he should not be the Commander in Chief of the Military.

Perhaps he is afraid of people with guns. If so he’s unfit to comment about the person who massacred the people at Pulse in Orlando.

Perhaps Obama knows what Hitler knew when he disarmed the Jews in Germany. That guns can defeat evil. Obama want’s to disarm Americans. How then will we defend ourselves when the next murderer appears?

Perhaps Obama is afraid of being called a religious bigot so he refused to mention the religion of the Orlando murderer.

Perhaps he agrees with the belief’s of the murderer so Obama refuses to utter those belief’s to protect those who believe as he does because he knows people will ridicule him for those wrong belief’s about America, about Americans and about guns.

Obama is one mixed up dude.

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