OK, OK, Trump got the media angry by calling them “The Lying Media” and refusing to let some of the reporters for the “Hillary Networks” into his News Conferences. The media responded by lying about him, what he says, what he does, what he’s done, what he want’s to do, what he’s written and by being as hateful and negative as they can be towards him while the media reports their opinions, disinformation, hype, agitprop and their outright brainwashing as “NEWS” and people are accepting the media reports as the truth.

This technique was very effective but it’s as immoral as can be. By exploiting mob emotions and by employing all modern methods of propaganda Goebbels helped Hitler into power. The lying Hillary-supporting American media has channeled Goebbels and is following methods and using his tactics against Donald Trump.

Goebbels work as a propagandist materially aided Hitler’s rise to power in 1933. When Hitler seized power in 1933, Goebbels was appointed Reichsminister for propaganda and national enlightenment. From then until his death, Goebbels used all media of education and communications to further Nazi propagandistic aims, instilling in the Germans the concept of their leader as a veritable god and of their destiny as the rulers of the world. Goebbels nineteen “Propaganda Principles” became Saul Alinsky’s twelve “Rules for Radicals”

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