He refused to follow the orders of the police who told him to stop surveilling Martin. Even though he was a member in good standing of the local neighborhood watch who organized to try to stop the rash of burglaries, George found himself face up on the concrete sidewalk being pummelled in Mixed Martial Arts style by Martin who was in a hoodie, one of the favorite gangsta garments favored to avoid detection on surveillance cameras. Martin had trace marijuana in his system and had liver and brain damage from the opiate chemicals in cough syrup. Martin had two of the three ingredients for “Purple Drank”, aka. “Lean”, made with 1. Promethazine w/Codeine, (Robitussin), 2. Skittles and 3. Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice, the ingredients in a drug cocktail used in the southern rap/hip-hop scene. Messages that Trayvon Martin posted on twitter suggest that he was abusing codeine in  “lean,” aka. “watermellon sizzurp,” “purple lean,” “purple sizzurp,” and other names. Other versions of the drink are made with Sprite, different sweet drinks and different candies. The fruit juice and candies help mask the somewhat bitter taste of the Promethazine and the codeine in the cough syrup. The fruit juice also dilutes the thick cough syrup, which extends the drink so it lasts longer. The effect is a drug induced state that’s similiar to the high of alcohol without the bother of an underage person like Martin getting around the alcohol requirement of being 21 years old. The cough syrup is easier to get. A school nurse can prescribe it when a teen fakes a few coughs and takes the legal prescription to a pharmacy.

The problem is the human body tries to reject the Promethazine and the Codine. Before it can do that the psychotic effects take over the control of certain functions inducing a dream-like state disconnected from the normal sensory perceptions. Brain and liver damage provide clear markers of the abuse and those markers were present in Martin’s  brain and liver. They were found during the autopsy. Martin’s body was on it’s way to an early death due to liver disease. Zimmerman observed certain combinations of motion indicative of psycho drug use and abuse prior to being pummeled on the sidewalk. We  know from the autopsy that Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his system, so George Zimmerman was correct when he suggested based on personal observation that Martin was acting strange.

We also know Martin had a history of drug abuse, abnormal in a typical teen but Martin was troubled, not typical.

Zimmerman caused the Federal government to intervene in his life because the conclusions were that another black teenager was killed by a non-black.  Here’s the disgraceful part of the Zimmerman Martin case. The government’s extraordinary intervention, not in a quest for justice but for vengeance

America solved it’s race problems decades ago. The government and some fringe groups want to keep up the fiction of a racial divide but it’s getting harder since America elected a black man as President. The Zimmerman disgrace is the government is so far behind the curve.


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