U.N. human rights commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein chief called on the United States to enforce more effective gun control measures in the aftermath of the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack.

But the Orlando murderer had legal guns, having passed all of the tests designed to keep guns out of the hands of murderers.

Seid continues with his flapdoodle, “dismissing as “irresponsible pro-gun propaganda” that firearms make societies safer.  Zeid has armed bodyguards whom he told to get rid of their guns.

Of course that last statement is designed to show Zeid believes in “Guns For Me, Not For You”. He would not get rid of his guns even while he tells Americans to get rid of theirs. He want’s American’s to give up their arms so they are easier to control by followers of Islam in their/his drive to take over the world for his God Allah as commanded by his God Allah.

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