Capitalism regulated by government isn’t Capitalism. Socio-Capitalism is not Capitalism at all. It’s Socialism as envisioned by Marx applied to markets. It’s close to Italian and German Fascism with the difference that government regulators use the power of fines and commands instead of jail and murder to control business.

The enemy of Marx is profit. When the government is powerful enough to control and command private interests, those private interests must bribe the government to continue to make profit. The value of the bribe is determined by the private interests profit limit. The market is manipulated by government and criminals to the detriment of the buyers.

There is no such thing as crony capitalism because Capitalism requires a free market. When bribes are used to manipulate government it’s crony criminalism. Socio-Capitalism is deceitful, the deceit needed to control prices so government benefits, private businesses are controlled and consumers suffer and pay the price of regulation and control.

If markets must serve society; if they are required to serve a social purpose for all, they will be controlled by government, not by private interests. The enemy to government is profit. Bureaucrats disrespect profit and judge the value of a product by the social usefulness they think it provides. There is no limit to the retail price as there is in Capitalism.

Which is why American manufacturing was forced out of America. Profit is the enemy of China. Cost plus tax becomes the selling price. There is no need for profit to government which can simply command one company to provide supplies to another with no money at all involved. Government then provides the goods and services to workers and collects the money paid by foreign customers.

Donald Trump will bring the lost profit back to America by adding profit to Chinese goods. Where the profit will go hasn’t been announced but with the goal to downsize government is can only be returned to the customers.

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