She said it:
“Every morning I wake up in a house built by slaves”.

Move Out!!

She’s lived there for what, eight years now? And it hasn’t really seemed to bother her much. Then again, how ironic a comment coming from someone who earned the nickname ‘Mooch’ as we, the American people, are now the slaves paying for her rent, utilities, her 22 servants including her own mother and her lavish quarter-of-a-million-dollar vacations,” wrote Melissa Dykes on The Daily Sheeple.

Dykes called the comment “a completely loaded, race baiting comment coming from the first lady on a highly promoted podium propagating these points for the express purpose of creating more division among the people.”

Doesn’t “Mooch” get it that she’s a free woman who graduated from Princeton & Harvard Law as part of American Affirmative Action?

Even if her parents paid, she was admitted because of her race, at least she’s been telling the world that as long as we can remember.

In yet another ethical breach, both Obama’s are campaigning against Trump. Neither are Presidential, at least as far as good manners are concerned let alone something a bit higher than manners, fair play. Neither Obama is fair.

We The People on the other hand have the Constitutional supported Right to attack any political figure including these two chumps in the White House. Michelle has at least two bones to pick with Trump. One is he’s white.

Another is he’s not black. Those are not two sides of the same coin. Attacking someone because they are white is different than attacking someone because they aren’t black. Mexicans are neither black nor white so Michelle gets two shots at them too but she prefers to go after white people. That’s her MO. It’s been her since she can remember. It was the subject of her thesis at Princeton: that too few of the professors were black. So much for her reasoning abilities.

Michelle proves there’s more to thinking than the simple ability to do it. Many people are smarter than average. Michelle has ancestors who, ….. well she knows what she’s doing and shes disgusting for doing it. SOme children never leave the intellectual sandbox of their adolescence.

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