America will and should do better with President Trump but the fundamentals in the Liberal and Left Wing will continue to dominate as they make President Trumps life more difficult for him, us and what used to be normal America before the batshit crazy Liberals transformed America into the dysfunctional hell it’s become. Hell for the normal people who continue to be pushed down by Obama, a worse President even than the worst up to Obama, Jimmie “Goofy” Carter who has brains enough but lacks a lot of the right ideas. He was trained as a Nuclear Engineer who lacks the abilities to connect all the dots. Carter never did anything with his own life. Sure he was President but he was the only choice people had because Gerald Ford, a good and decent man was viewed as the replacement for Nixon, a thoroughly despised man by the time he resigned his office.

Carter was soundly trounced by President Ronald Reagan but the education system churns out more LeftWing Liberals so the Socialist Principles take root because people who are tricked into accepting them can’t find their way out so the move left continues.

America also has two intractably low-functioning underclasses and one batshit crazy overclass, that would be the Liberals who cause most of the social harm in America. Consider: the highest rate of poor people in America are┬ápeople from the Dominican Republic. There are 400,000 poor Dominicans which is 26.3% of them. They live in poverty in America because of their wrong valus system and because of their physiology that makes them un-educatable. It’s not that they are poor that causes the un-educatability, there uneducationalibility causes their poverty.

Next are African Americans, called Blacks in the survey HERE at 9.5 million out of 37 million for a sub-total of poor black Americans of 25.8% Puerto Ricans at 1.1 million, 25.6% Guatemalans, 300,000 and 24.0% and Mexicans at 7.7 million and 24.9%. that’s a total of 19.3 million poor people just in those 6 nationalities in America who live in poverty.

So the two underclasses in American are Blacks and Hispanics. Of course not all blacks nor all Hispanics are permanently poor.Almost 3 out of every 4 are not living in poverty.

What about the overclass? That would be the commercially successful Liberal Left. They tell us it’s possible to educate the poor so the poor will not be poor. But that’s backwards.

Education fails to educate the poor because the poor are un-educatable. Liberals tell us about the educational magic in Finland and South Korea, their idea being that Finland and South Korea do well in education so all America has to do is do what the Finns and South Koreans do and the American poor will no longer be poor. That’s batshit crazy. The Finns and the South Koreans can be educated just like the rest of America. Move the six classes above to Finland or South Korea and they will still be uneducatable and will remain poor. …developing

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