California is the home of more nutty Mainstream Left Wing Liberals. That describes Hillary’s most rabid fans.
Californians love big government. Hillary want’s to run a bigger government. Repeat that until it sinks in. If you’re in California it’s not necessary to repeat it. You can see it all around you.

Californians are far more liberal than most other Americans, especially those who live East of California, which is the rest of America.
The northern region is even more liberal than the southern region, and the coast is more liberal than the inland regions.

California is also home to many large Left Wing universities including Stanford, California Institute of Technology, University of California, and the University of Southern California. These universities are in love with the philosophy and values of Karl Marx who was enthusiastic about taking everything from rich people because only the prolatariat, the proles, the lower classed peoples worked with their hands. There are more hand workers in California. There are the people Hillary calls: “dolts” who vote for me.

Californians hate cars. They buy them and use them so they are always feeling guilty but it never occurs to them that the love of cars was born in America. They still hate them almost more than they hate coal, oil, wood because wood causes smoke, nuclear energy and fire. Californians believe no one should use any energy. We want them to play in the sun as much as they can because that will accelerate a cure for sun-caused melanoma.

California has a huge farm industry and produces more fruits and nuts that everywhere else. Look at San Francisco. They vote for Hillary. It’s a reflex. “There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.”

People didn’t move to California to become part of a community. In fact, they might very well hate all the people around them but still choose to live in California. This does not happen in northern Michigan or central Massachusetts. If you don’t like the community, you move. There is no other reason to be there. Californians are the opposite. they hate people so they stay. Logic? Reason? Nuttiness? No, No, Yes.

If Californians did not have myriads of carefully set forth rules, they would simply kill each other.

My friends in California mostly have contempt for their fellow citizens.

Californians detest the American Constitution because its American. They detest Private Property because they detest anything they must pay for. Californians want government to own all the property but they want the reat of America to pay for it. Liberals hate to pay for things believing everything belongs to them by divine right. So does Hillary who took the plates, cups and saucers from the White House when she left. There’s that Left thing again. Hillary can’t lose in California, ….. but Trump will win in November because Nixon, Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan were Republican and they won. Clint Eastwood, who lives in California, is in a state which has been devastated by millions of illegals flooding in. They have committed countless crimes and spread disease. And that’s why Eastwood supports Trump!

California likes winners.

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