Perhaps it wasn’t a shock for Donald trump to learn that so many people really like him but he seems genuinely surprised and sort of humbled by it. It’s part of his education and it will serve us and him well when he wins the Presidency.

He seemed a little bit intimidated by the tens of thousands of bikers at the Rolling Thunder event in D.C. staged to honor America’s veterans. He knows however that the bikers really supported him and he handled it well. 

Mr. Trump’s supporters include a group called “Bikers for Trump,” which has more than 46,000 “likes” on Facebook. Speaking on Sunday, Mr. Trump told the crowd of seeing large numbers of bikers at his campaign events.

“I said, ‘What are they all doing here?’ and my people would say, ‘They’re here to protect you, Mr. Trump,’” he said. “It’s an amazing thing. And I want to tell you, some of these people are tough.”

But when he shakes their hands, “there is love, and it’s an incredible feeling, and that’s why I wanted to be with you today,” he said.

 He’s a genuine man who is learning from people who support him how important the individual American’s are. It’s a very nice and satisfying thing to watch. It’s changed him in the very best way. 

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