In a disingenuous video Couric asked: “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?” Why not ask:  “If there are no background checks for murderers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from murdering people?”

The issue surfaced as the trailer for Couric’s film “Under the Gun” that was done to discredit gun owners and to make them appear stupid. The trailer showed some gun owners with no idea about an answer to Couric’s question but it was not what happened. The producer Stephanie Soechtig edited in a pause but the people who are seemingly struck dumb by Couric’s question had plenty of answers.

So the insertion of silence was a substantive, deliberate attempt to make gun-rights supporters look foolish. No reasonable person can possibly believe otherwise.

Soechtig got caught. Couric, who one would hope had enough involvement in the project to view and approve the film before its release, either also got caught, or was incredibly negligent. The flunky’s reference to how, in TheWrap’s words, “director Stephanie Soechtig inserted the pause” appears to be an irresponsible — and again cowardly — attempt to create distance between Couric and Soechtig.

It’s still true that no one has genuinely apologized for anything — and Katie Coward won’t even get in front of a microphone to defend herself.

Assuming that this flunky has her authorization, she’s clearly hoping that expressing vague “regret” through an intermediary — Note that “regret” is TheWrap’s word and not hers — will suffice to prevent more serious blowback — and more importantly, head off the need to do what any normal person would know is the right thing, i.e., repair the film’s deceptive content.

The simple fact is background checks do not prevent crime. In fact they drive purchases further underground when people who can pass a background check make a purchase then re-sell the item to a criminal who could not pass a background check. So background checks are not only worthless they violate the Constitution in at least three places but Couric and Soechtig don’t know that. All they know is they want to stop people from buying guns.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution says people have a Right to their Privacy meaning but government believes they found a way to overcome the restriction against government being forbidden to invade someone’s privacy by blackmailing them into accepting an illegal and illegitimate search or individuals cannot buy a gun. That’s also a violation of the Second Amendment on it’s face. The violation is in the words of the Second Amendment which read: “….the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” A search before a purchase is worse than a simple infringement, it stops a person from the purchase. As such it’s a blackmail scheme which is prevented by the Fourth Amendment and by the Fourteenth Amendment, the Right to Due Process which means government must obtain a warrant before a search so getting permission from an individual who isn’t a judge violates that Amendment too.

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