What a mutt.

Toomey wants us to vote for him but he won’t work for us or to protect one of America’s most cherished, unique and most exceptional attributes, – the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. There’s a late breaking idea to write-in “2A” instead of voting for Toomey. He has no opponent so writing in “2A’ win’t hurt him but it will send him a message: “Protect and Defend The Constitution including especially the Second Amendment”

Pat Toomey is running for reelection and is unopposed in the Republican Primary, his nomination is assured. But we can send him this simple, anonymous and powerful message by casting a write-in vote for the 2nd Amendment (2A.)

Senator Pat Toomey and his staff have tried to buffalo gun advocates into supporting him without supporting us. Now Toomey’s campaign is running an ad with the endorsement from a liberal gun-grabbing board member from Ceasefire PA. His own campaign produced this endorsement. But know this, the ad isn’t run throughout the whole state, because his conservative base would abandon him. Pat Toomey doesn’t deserve your vote in this Primary, but the 2nd Amendment does.

Let’s also NOT forget his support for Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor when he was campaigning in 2009 (for the US Senate) and said ‘he’ would vote to confirm her. She has been a disaster for the 2nd Amendment. His other judicial nominations have continued the leftist, anti-2nd amendment positions in the lower Federal Courts.

Please write-in “2A” for U.S. Senate.

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